Modular Steel Framing

If you are familiar with construction then you will probably know that modular steel framing has been used in industry for many years, and with great effect. It is used as a stabilizing force and provides a strong structure for high-rise buildings but has become more popular as architects try to find a solution to the pressing problem of seismic activity throughout the world. Earthquakes are renowned for bringing buildings to their knees but modular steel framing can act as a reinforcement to try an optimise survival.

Modern Residential Trend

It has only been in recent years that modular steel framing has been used in residential settings. It has primarily been used in the modular housing industry. The reason behind that is that every modular house is constructed onsite with every single component being made elsewhere and transported into the area ready for erection.

Steel framing is perfect for this purpose because it is much easier to tailor it to suit specific needs elsewhere. You need specialist tools that are not commonly found on a building site. The process is worth it though and modular steel framing should not dissuade you from buying a property with that sort of structure.

Stabilize The Foundation

Modular and pre-fabricated homes, even those with modular steel framing, have not been as popular as originally expected when it was introduced into the residential arena some years ago. People refused to live in them, viewing them as cheap and tacky. However, they have effectively proved that those types of homes do have some degree of credibility via their longevity and ability to stand the tests of time.

Modular steel frames are comprised of rough frames that are joined by galvanised steel studs. A room is initially prepared for the sheeting and frames via a track that runs from floor to ceiling and is securely held in place.

The track will then provide a basis for dry walling or any other finish you want to form the basis of your walls. It is easy to construct a whole house as a result because you need no extra tools or features of the construction. It is that simple – put up, fasten and move on to the next step.

Working With Steel Framing

Modular steel framing is perfect for individuals wanting to build their own homes. As it is made offsite and transported ready for use, it can save an individual a lot of time and effort. The sheets are already measured and ready to use and all a homebuilder has to do is erect and secure it before building the walls around the structure.

The building blocks are present so it is literally up to someone to use them correctly. Erecting your own home with modular steel framing can be rewarding as you soon see the fruits of your labour.

If you are contemplating extending your existing home then modular steel framing can also lend you certain advantages. Erecting it does not undermine the stability of your own home. It strengthens it in truth because the extra weight of an extension will be evenly supported and not need the house’s stability to remain intact.

Modular steel framing has been used so effectively in industry over the years that it was only a matter of time before it was used in the residential one. Fitting the pieces together like a puzzle actually works wonders when it comes to building a home that should stand for years.

The steel structure is designed for support, but without the walls it would be useless. In turn, that is what makes a home so it may well be worth considering for your new or renovated home.

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