Mold Inspection and Testing

Though the evidence may be invisible, the smell is unmistakable. Just walking into a mold-affected room or building immediately reveals clues as to a moisture problem. If you feel there may be a problem with mold in your home, you have a bit of a job on your hands.

Mold inspection and testing is important because a small patch can quickly lead to a large one and can undermine the integrity of your walls or floor. Often, a small mold patch can conceal the real extent of the damage, leaving you with a false sense of security. Professional mold inspection and testing experts will be able to enlighten you further.

Tackle the problem A.S.A.P.

First, you need to determine how minor or major the problem is. Mold is like an iceberg; you only see a small part of what is really there.

Is the mold simply cosmetic or is it toxic/allergenic?

If the mold has not penetrated too significantly, it might be a simple cosmetic problem. However, if it has been allowed to grow. and mold is a living substance, then it may have extended further than just an unsightly blemish on a wall.

Call in the mold inspection and testing professionals if you are in any doubt because otherwise you could be subjecting yourself and your family and pets to toxins and allergens. Take note if anyone is suffering from previously absent hay fever, asthma or other breathing difficulties. How about watery eyes? Unexplained sneezing? Do not brush mold aside thinking it will go away on its own.

How do I know when to call in a pro?

Follow these suggestions:

    - If people who live in your building or use the affected room are vulnerable to illness, are immune-impaired, elderly, infant or suffer from asthma, respiratory complaints or any other condition that is aggravated by mold or allergens, call a mold inspection and testing company today.
    - If in the past, the building has suffered flooding, if water has penetrated through roof leaks or ice dam leaks, if the basement is particularly prone to moisture problems, the sewer has backed up, there are ventilation issues or problems with the heating or cooling systems, any smells or sightings of mold should be followed up.
    - Before you sign a contract to purchase the building, mold inspection and testing should be carried out if there is any hint of mold affectation.
    - If the area concerned is greater than 30 square feet, don’t hesitate to call the professionals.

Taking a sample yourself

You can actually take a sample of mold yourself and send it to a testing laboratory to determine if the mold is toxic or not. Once you have the results, you will know if professional mold inspection and testing is warranted.

There are special kits you can buy to take samples but all you really need is some inexpensive Scotch tape and a Ziploc bag. There are companies who specialize in testing these samples and they can give you all the information you need on how to correctly prepare the sample and send it in.

Never allow a mold problem to worsen. Once you notice any evidence of mold, assume that it is toxic and take steps to eradicate it. Remember, there is always an underlying issue that is causing the appearance of the mold and unless you correct it, the mold will continue to grow, even if seasonally, for instance when the atmosphere is damp.

Contact a reputable mold inspection and testing company if you feel the problem is beyond your capabilities, the mold is toxic or there are people who rely on a mold-free environment for their very health.