Gazebo Mosquito Netting

Mosquito NettingIf you’re fed up of being bothered by mosquitoes, or indeed any other small flying insects, whilst sitting in your gazebo, then you should consider fitting gazebo mosquito netting.

The key architectural feature of a gazebo is that it has open sides, classically it will be an octagonal structure with a roof above it, supported by either brick, stone, wooden or possibly even metal uprights. As such a gazebo is an ideal structure to sit under in hot sunny weather enjoying the views of your garden either on your own or in the company of others.

Why Add Netting?

The idea of sitting under the shade of a gazebo enjoying your garden is wonderful, until those pesky little mosquito’s come along and start nibbling at you. Almost regardless of whereabouts you live the mosquitoes seem to have an ability to home in on you when outdoors and send you running for cover. Some mosquitoes might only bother you around dusk, others at just about any time of the day or indeed evening. All spoiling your enjoyment.

Of course there’d be little point adding walls or windows to the gazebo - as it would no longer be a gazebo! Also, the whole point of the gazebo is to enjoy not only the garden view and warmth - but the fresh air too. The solution, therefore, is simple enough, fit mosquito netting to the gazebo, so that you can sit in it without being bothered by them.

Best Mosquito Netting

The term mosquito netting is applied to any netting that is designed to exclude the mosquitoes, flies or other insects that might be around you. They are fine meshed nets that whilst keeping out the pests will allow air to flow freely; they are often treated with insecticides that might need replenishing occasionally.

There are many different mosquito nets available to buy, which are mainly gradable by the number of holes per square inch in the mesh. Here you need to make a decision, possibly a compromise, on the number of holes per square inch you want. The more holes per square inch the fewer insects will be able to pass through it, but the more holes per square inch will also result in a closer mesh that will reduce both your view and the airflow around the gazebo.

A mosquito net described as ultra-fine could have as few as 132 holes per square inch, so do look at the stated holes per square inch - rather than just a description of it. A minimum of 200 holes per square inch is recommended, and is suitable for most purposes.

You can buy mosquito netting down to 600+ holes per square inch, which would be excellent at excluding insects, but would also create a rather opaque view of your garden.

Buying Netting

As a DIY/home enthusiast you won’t want to pay someone else to fit the mosquito netting for you. Depending on the exact type and size of your gazebo you might be able to buy a complete net that will literally cover your gazebo. Alternatively you might prefer to custom make and fit the mosquito netting so that it hangs from rails above the openings.

Readily available in white, gray and black; you could easily dye white mosquito netting to a color of your choice - but remember to re-finish it with any insecticide that might have been on the original material. Also, you should be able to order the netting by the yard, which is usually available in 117, 84 or 58 inch widths.

Photo by Judi Cox, Creative Commons Attribution License