Mowing Baseball Fields

There are some insider tips and tricks for mowing baseball fields that will help landscapers. Fans often do not realize all of the work and the planning that is involved in mowing baseball fields but simply enjoy the nice look and the fun game.

If you are not hearing a lot of compliments and other comments about the baseball field then you have more than likely done an excellent job. Remember that the key to mowing baseball fields is to create a backdrop for the baseball game.

If your baseball field mowing job is all that the fans are talking about during and after the game, then you have not done a very good job at creating a backdrop. The best tip that you can have for mowing baseball fields is to keep it clean and keep it simple.


There are several pieces of equipment used for mowing baseball fields. The primary type of mower used is a stripe mower with rollers on it. You can use one that is a walk-behind push mower type. The other type of equipment that you can use is a riding stripe mower. Either one of these pieces of equipment will work nicely when mowing baseball fields.

Many mowers use a reel mower for doing the finer cuts and smaller areas of the baseball field. The number of rollers will determine how deeply the pattern sets and how many cuts need to be made to achieve the pattern you desire.

Making the Pattern

With our yards, we traditionally cut the lawn one time. We assume that whatever direction we run the mower is going to be the final design. Did you know that the same techniques used for mowing baseball fields can be applied to the grass in your lawn?

The first thing to keep in mind when mowing baseball fields is that you will need to make two to four cuts of the area to create the pattern that you desire.

For straight lines, you should start at the baselines for your guide because you know that these will be straight. Don’t worry if your lines aren’t perfectly straight because fans are forgiving and in a few days you can correct the problem.

Another trick to the straight line cutting is to select a point on the border fence and keep your eye focused on it when you are operating the mower. This will result in straighter lines that you can then follow for the follow-up cuts.

Between Games

Between games it is important to mow the grass in a different direction to prevent grains. You need to keep one pattern in mind when mowing baseball fields to keep it simple and clean. Do not mix a large number of patterns but keep it simple. For special occasions, allow extra time if you are cutting a special number, figure or other pattern than the traditional stripes and checkers.

Detailed patterns often require a large number of cuts and can be extremely time consuming. You need to freshen up a pattern the evening before a game to have the cleanest appearance. Understanding how the grass on a particular field responds to the different size and types of stripe mowers is your best tool for mowing baseball fields.

If you know how the grass responds you will know how many times to mow to create the pattern and which patterns work best on that particular field creating the cleanest and simplest look possible.

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