Mural Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic Tile MuralHave you ever thought about putting a tiger in your living room? Or creating lovely patterns in your bathroom with traditional Dutch ceramic tiles? Mural ceramic tiles fit together to create a picture or can be placed around the room to highlight certain spaces. It is a good idea to find custom mural ceramic tiles for the highest quality images.

Most mural ceramic tiles are hand-painted and fired in a kiln. You can find bold pictures of exotic animals, cowboy scenes, fine art copies or pleasant designs. Most mural ceramic tiles are available in a gloss or matt finish and can be designed according to your requirements. New technology enables photographs to be replicated on mural ceramic tiles, although you will need a specialty tile craftsperson to do this procedure, since not all tiles will accept the ink required for these reproductions.


Oscar Niemeyer Art Museum tile muralIt is a good idea to establish a good relationship with the craftsperson who is making you mural ceramic tiles. You will want to sketch your design or show him or her a photograph. They also need to have an idea of your space, how big you want your mural to be, and the colors that are in the room, as well as the wallpaper. It is especially important that you select a design and color for your mural ceramic tiles that fits with the basic color scheme of your room.

According to the size and the complexity of the job, your installer will give you a quote on your mural ceramic tile job according to their rate per hour and the estimated time it will take to complete the project. Do not encourage a rush job to save money, as it is difficult and more costly to repair mistakes once they have been made.

If you would like to try installing mural ceramic tiles, but you do not want a terribly bold effect, you can begin with more classical designs, such as plants and herbs, in smaller areas, such as the space above the fireplace or the sink in the bathroom. Once you find that you like the effect your mural ceramic tiles have on your room, you can expand and create more spaces with mural ceramic tiles.

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Photos by how_long_it_takes and oddsock, Creative Commons Attribution License