How to Nail A Carpet Tack Strip To Cement

One of the trickiest things to learn when fitting carpets professionally is how to nail a carpet tack strip to cement. At first, it seems and essential, but ultimately impossible task based on the solid, hard cement surface. However, there is a simple trick to doing this, which can allow the installation of a carpet tack strip on any under flooring.


There are many considerations when working out how to nail a carpet tack strip to cement. The first is that a carpet tack strip is essential for gripping the carpet to leave a smoother, professional finish. Relatively easy to fit on other, softer flooring materials, this can be difficult to fit on denser, firmer cement, which can cause problems for those not in the know.

It is also an important consideration that a regular nail could not penetrate or withstand pressure to direct it through cement. It would simply buckle without special precautions. Additionally, gluing the carpet tack strip is ineffective; far too weak to grip the carpet firmly, so it really must be nailed. But how?

How to nail a carpet tack strip to cement - the easy way

Firstly, prepare the cement underneath by sanding off any roughage. This will ensure your carpet is a smooth fit overall, as well as making it significantly easier to nail your carpet tack strip.

Next, you will require an electric drill. It is also advisable at this point to make use of safety glasses to shield your eyes from potential shrapnel.

Next mark through the carpet tack strip where exactly you want to nail it to the cement, before proceeding to drill to no more than the depth of the nail into the cement. If the nail were to be positioned within this hole, it would obviously have no effect, given that there is no grip from the nail as the hole is bigger in diameter. However, with the use of a special plastic funnel shaped plug, you can fit in the nail no problem, and consequently nail that tack strip to cement.

The plastic plug will fit into the hole, and has grips on its interior for the nail and its exterior for the cement. This serves a dual purpose; that is it fills in the hole, as well as providing corresponding grip, essential for the nail to hold the carpet tack strip in place. These can be picked up for next to nothing at your local DIY store, and are handy for a whole range of things, so I suggest you go and buy some; you never know when they could come in handy.

Now you know exactly how to nail a carpet tack strip to cement. It is not hard, and with a little bit of common sense you can work your way around the problem. The same can be said for cement, or any other hard or indeed loose material which lacks grip: by using one of these plugs, you create an intermediate between nail and material to give exceptional grip when you need it the most.

These miracle plugs make fitting that carpet or shelf a great deal easier: I swear by them. Nailing a tack strip to cement does not have to be a chore, and if you are looking for alternative ways to achieve this, consult a DIY book or a DIY store employee, which can provide you with more in depth information, and more tips and techniques.

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