Oak Hardwood Flooring

There's something about oak hardwood flooring that just can't be imitated. But sometimes it can difficult to decide which type of oak hardwood flooring to install. Do you prefer the look of parquet flooring? Or would you consider the sublime beauty found in antique flooring, also available in oak?

No other type wood flooring compares with that of solid oak. And you can get occasionally find it online, finished, for as low as around $2.30 per square foot and unfinished for about $1.60. But if you've an inclination to do a little work yourself, you can also find antique flooring in oak for half that if you keep on the lookout for old warehouses, schools, and other soon-to-be-demolished buildings that have reclaimable oak flooring.

Of course, you will have to pull it out yourself, but for those with saving money in mind, the value can't be beat - nor can the beauty once these pieces are sanded and refinished. You can also spend a little more and find antique flooring online with just a few minutes of searching.

Parquet flooring makes an excellent alternative for solid oak plank flooring. You'll find it to be less expensive than the solid-wood planks, but that's because you need a substrate already existing in order to install parquet flooring. With oak planks, simply having floor joists is sufficient.

Unless you're fairly proficient
and already know how to install flooring, it might do you well to hire a professional since you are paying a premium price for this type of solid-wood flooring destined to stay on your floors for a lifetime (and longer!). Additionally, if you choose to go with reclaimed oak flooring, if you make a mistake on very many of them, you might not be able to adequately match the wood if you run out during the project.

Yep, there's nothing like oak hardwood flooring - no matter if you buy it new, reclaimed, or have it laid as parquet over an existing floor. So go with your instinct if oak flooring's your aim. You just can't go wrong.

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