Offset Patio Umbrella

So you've decided to do things a little differently this time and are considering an offset patio umbrella. The conventional, center-of-the-table umbrellas have their positives and their negatives, but the offset patio umbrellas (sometimes called "side-post" or "cantilevered umbrellas") seem to have an overall preponderance of pros as opposed to cons.

An offset patio umbrella, for instance, makes conversation easier. Without that pole in the way, there's no more twisting, turning, or shuffling your chair around to make eye contact with the person on the other side of the table.

With an offset patio umbrella, controlling the shade with respect to where the sun is located in the sky also seems to be easier to do than with the traditional table-centered umbrella. With an offset patio umbrella, you can rotate it all the way around - 360 degrees - to keep it between you and Old Sol all day long.

An offset patio umbrella also provides the ideal solution for shading a hot tub, Jacuzzi, or even your child's wading pool. Just anchor it to the ground alongside, adjust the tilt; and voila! No more sun!

So where in the world does one find an offset patio umbrella? Well, they can be found just about anywhere that sells outdoor or patio furniture. The real question lies in how much you wish to pay for an offset patio umbrella.

At Target (, you can get a 10-foot, adjustable aluminum offset patio umbrella for only $139. At, you find them starting at $159.87 for their polyester Star Arctic Shade model all the way up to their Salerno Giant Teak offset patio umbrella that comes with its own valance for a breathtaking $2,019.97. Or you can go completely deluxe and shoot the works at with prices ranging from $1,845 to $7,550 for the offset patio umbrella of your dreams.

But don't wait 'til next summer to get your offset patio umbrella. Do it today! Or you just may find yourself talking to that pole again -or worse. You might even find it answering you back! Now that's something an offset patio umbrella would never do!

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