One Story Country Houses

one story country house fireplaceWhen building a country home, simplicity is the key. Country homes historically have only one story and have a simple floor plan with a cozy feel. One story country houses should have an easy feel that connote a simpler way of life. When building one story country houses, there are several things to consider: the materials that might be used, the floorplans available and how to decorate it to reflect this easy life style.

Building Materials

One story country houses need a durable roof to withstand all of nature's possibilities. A metal roof is low maintenance and will withstand tree limbs, a thick covering of leaves, squirrels, and other hazards that exist in the country. There are many different styles of metal roofs to choose from, so the homeowner can have a choice in the way the roof will ultimately look.

Low maintenance, but durable, outer walls are important both for withstanding the elements and for conveying the simple lifestyle. Fiber-cement siding is one choice for walls that is effective for both criteria. But many homeowners choose natural stone to complete the country look.

There is a wide variety of stone that is used in homebuilding, and stone that is from the surrounding areas can often be chosen, making the home seem to blend in with the country surroundings. When stone walls are too expensive to be practical, stone accents can be used to give a hint of country style.

Floorplans for Country Homes

One story country houses often have open, casual floorplans that let the rooms blend together in form and function. The entryway often opens directly to the living room and dining room, or to a sitting room area that is part of a larger room.

Large, wide windows are also common for country homes, as the natural surroundings- the very reason people want country homes- is best enjoyed with larger windows. When buying or building one story country homes in cold climates, working shutters may be necessary to keep heat from escaping through the many picture windows.

Vaulted ceilings are very popular in one story country houses, as they evoke a country-lodge feel. Vaulted ceilings using exposed wood beams are a traditional way to let the country style come through.

Decorating With Country Flair

The interior design inside one story country houses should be one that conveys a sense of restfulness and simplicity. Having a palette of only a few colors, and no more, will tie the rooms together and create continuity. The colors should all be from the same hue family- either warm and subdued, or bright and energetic.

Furniture in this style is traditionally made of wood and is finished in its natural tones, such as oak or pine. Floors of natural woods or tiles will lend another dimension to the natural look desired in one story country houses.

Hooked or braided rugs are a simple way to make a room convey the warmth and friendliness of the country. They come in any color, and will be easy to match to the limited color scheme. Window dressings are also an easy way to dress up one story country houses. Wood shutters or blinds, window shades or cafe curtains with a checked or floral pattern will match country house styling and decor.

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