Orange Peel Finishes for Drywall

If you are in the process of decorating your home and finishing the walls, I am sure you are looking for some creative, attractive ideas to use on the house. It seems that the longer that a person has had their home, the harder they search for a style that is original and new when decorating. After a while, everyone wants to bring a fresh look and feel to their home through a decorating project.

When it comes to decorating the walls of your home, there are countless options, as I am sure that you know. Styles and trends tend to go in and out of fashion. One style that has become very popular of late is the Orange Peel Finish. This is a design effect that is attractive, creative and quite easy to create on the walls of your home.

An orange peel finish can be applied quite easily to the drywall interior walls of your home. In this article we will explore orange peel finishing, how to create that look as well as the pros and cons of it.


Many people like the idea of an orange peel finish because it allows them to be creative, it gives walls a unique look and because they find it dynamic and interesting. Definitely an orange peel finish gives off a great effect and it is one of the quickest ways of dealing with wall surfaces that have blemishes as the texture of the orange peel look tends to completely hide any flaws in the wall.

The things that some would consider negative about having an orange peel finish are that it is quite a permanent change to the walls. Once the wall has texture, it has texture forever.

An orange peel finish is compatible with interior drywall. Most buildings these days have drywall on their interior. If your home was built a very long time ago then you may very well have interior walls made of plaster. Plaster was used in the days before drywall. Drywall became popular because it is much easier to install.


To get the orange peel effect, a textured compound first has to be sprayed onto the walls to create the textured effect and then it should be painted over afterwards. Here are the things that you will need if you want to finish your walls with the orange peel effect:

    Paint Sprayer
    A Textured Compound
    Protective Sheets
    Wall Scraper

The distinct orange peel looks is created by spraying the paint onto the walls at a lower pressure than normal.

In preparation for your new look and for working with your walls, they will need to be cleaned. You will need to free them of any old wall paper that is hanging off of them, old pieces of paint and basically smooth off and clean the surface of the walls to a reasonable degree. There are many blemishes that will be covered by the textured surface of an orange peel finish. Still, anything that will hinder the textured compound from being effective should be removed.

To get the orange peel effect, you must use a low pressure when you are spraying the textured compound onto your walls. The textured compound should be left to dry completely. Only once the textured compound is completely dry, can apply your regular paint over the top of it.

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