Oreck: Makers of Vaccuum Cleaners, Air Purifiers, and a Good Guarantee

The Oreck brand has come to be thought of as the standard in upright vacuum cleaners. Oreck also produces an air purifier, iron, and other small appliances. They are not inexpensive, but they come with good guarantees and complementary gifts.

In addition, Oreck products can usually be bought on a no-interest payment plan, which is not as easy an option with some other companies.

Oreck Vacuum Models

Oreck makes five different models of upright vacuum cleaners, ranging in price from around $300 to $700. With the purchase of any of them, you can choose between a desk lamp or a cordless iron as a gift just for trying the vaccuum. The top of the line model is the Oreck XL21, which has a 21-year warranty. It also comes with 21 free annual tune-ups, and free shipping.

Four of the Oreck vaccuum models weigh only 8 lbs. each, making them easy to handle. Oreck also makes the XL Pro, which is a larger vaccuum, weighing just under 21 pounds.

A popular homemaker's magazine tested the top vaccuums for power and found the Oreck vaccuums only scored in the middle of the pack. The Hoover Savvy finished on top in this competition.

However, people who have Oreck vaccuum cleaners love them. In fact, the company trademark slogan is "If you don't love it, you don't keep it." All in all, Oreck vaccuums seem competitively priced considering the perks, and the light weight is a definite selling point.

Oreck Air Purifiers

The Oreck air purifier comes with several free gifts, including a cordless electric broom. It is equipped with a permanent lifetime filter that never needs to be changed, although it does need to be washed in detergent and water periodically.

The Oreck air purifier is reported to help with asthma, sick building syndrome, and other conditions that are aggravated by air pollution. It also cleans microbes, such as mold spores and bacteria from the air, resulting in a cleaner home and cleaner lungs.

Considering the free gifts and shipping, the price tag of around $370 doesn't seem terribly exhorbitant. All in all, the Oreck company has a variety of products that feature good warranties, interest free payment plans, and freebies.