Organic Weed Control

There are numerous different techniques which can be implemented to keep weeds under control. Gone are the days of the nasty weed sprays which damage your soil and hinder further plant growth. In this article, we will look at some of the more effective natural, or organic weed control methods, which can be practised to keep those unwanted weeds out of your garden for good.

Preventative Measures

Prevention is always better than cure, and this is equally applicable when dealing with weeds as anything else. One of the most effective methods of organic weed control is to tackle them before they become a problem, by a process known as soil solarisation. Soil solarisation involves subjecting your garden to extreme sunlight and hostile growing conditions. To start with, rake the land and remove any stones which may be in your way.

Soil solarisation requires a completely clean surface to begin with, so remove any plants or trees - remove everything! Next, lay a clear plastic sheet across the area, secured tightly with weights or rocks at each corner. You then want to leave this in place for several weeks, which gives the sun the chance to heat up and consequently kill the weeds.

The weeds will literally suffocate beneath the plastic sheet, and after a few weeks, you can begin to rely your garden with no risk of weeds. Of course this may not be the most convenient measure you can take, but there are other ways of getting a grip on those weeds before they get out of hand.


Laying mulching is a great method of organic weed control, and it is also great for the growth of your garden. By using mulch, you can provide a good nutrient base for your garden growth, whilst smothering the potential weeds and making their growing conditions more hostile.

A good mulching material is straw. Straw is readily accessible, and gives the perfect blend of organic matter for your garden. The process itself is fairly easy. Simply lay straw evenly across your soil, and turn it through with a pitch fork. It is then a case of covering the mulch with your top layers of soil and planting. This simple process is widely held as a great way to strangle those pesky weeds.

If you do still get some weeds which manage to break to the surface, you'll find that removing them is very easy. Pulling weeds from mulch is much easier than pulling weeds which are deeply rooted in the earth, and you will find that through mulching, you can have a more effective grasp on your weed situation.

Weed control used to be a damaging and destructive process, killing more than just weeds in its path. However, thanks to these modern methods, you can effectively implement organic weed control for the benefit of your garden and the plant life within it.

By using a mixture of the available preventative measures in combination with organic agents, you can eradicate weeds completely from your garden, or at worst, worsen their chances of survival. In the process you will be helping your garden by providing rich organic matter to promote growth and a healthier appearance. Organic weed control measures can really provide a win win situation for gardeners and gardens everywhere.

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