Outdoor Deck Design

A good rule of thumb in regards to outdoor deck designs is keeping your deck the size of the largest room in your home. A proper deck will compliment your home, not overwhelm it. You also must consider your need for the deck, and what it will most commonly be used for. When researching outdoor deck designs, consider your home, its shape and layout, and design your deck accordingly. Below, you will find many options for deck designs for various types of homes.

Standard Curved Back Porch Decks

Typically no larger than 12x16 feet, this type of deck merely extends your living space just beyond your door. This type of deck is a great choice for smaller homes, or homes that have a small yard.

If you are low on backyard space, consider outdoor deck designs that are modest and simple, so as not to take away from any of your yard or landscaping. A glorified version of a back porch, this type of deck is also an ideal choice for first time do-it-yourself deck builders, as it is relatively simple.

Contemporary Curved Deck

Outdoor deck designs vary greatly in size, shape, and height. A contemporary curved deck is a great option for homeowners who are looking for approximately twice the space as a typical curved deck, and would like slight architectural interest.

Typically, this type of deck features a standard deck with a step-down portion for seating. The first level of this deck often features a bench and room for flower pots, and steps down to an area for seating and socializing.

Octagon Sundeck

If you are looking into outdoor deck plans that do not attach to your home, consider researching an octagon sundeck. This structure is erected in a location you choose on your property, and is free-standing. Often-times, there is a walkway from the home that leads to the deck, but it is not necessary. Size can vary, depending on your use for the deck, and your need for space.

Mid-level Deck

Some outdoor deck plans are chosen for the front of a home. Although this plan is certainly appropriate for a backyard as well, it makes a great entry-way deck.

Taller than the previously mentioned deck, a mid-level deck is typically a simple structure with ample seating, and abundant height. Suitable for single level or two-story homes, this deck design is versatile and classic.

Split-Level Deck

Ideal for multi-level homes, a split-level deck will extend from the ground to the second level of your home in tiers. Most commonly, the top level serves as a roof for the ground below it, which can be transformed into an ideal area for entertaining. Stairs extend from the ground to the top level, which serves as additional space for seating and greenery. Of all outdoor deck designs, this is often considered one of luxury.

Outdoor Deck Designs vary widely and offer many options for prospective deck builders. Consider your home, garden, and landscaping when selecting your deck design and your project is sure to compliment your property beautifully.

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