Outdoor Privacy Screens

Outdoor privacy screens are important to offer you a sense of comfort in your yard. They also provide an alternative to placing tall privacy fences around your property. Using the outdoor privacy screens gives homeowners the opportunity to have space as quiet and private retreat without disturbances from the surrounding neighborhood or even from neighbors. There are many different methods that you can use to create the privacy that you deserve while relaxing in the comfort of your back yard.


One natural way to create an outdoor privacy screen is with the use of hedges. Hedges that are evergreen will be full and block the view of others year round. You can trim them and nurture them to promote quick growth. One very nice landscaping option is to plant hedges with space between them. In the spaces plant flowering bushes such as azaleas or other flowering plants. You still maintain a sense of privacy while enjoying a light fragrance and blooms in the yard.

Rose Bushes

Homeowners with a green thumb can enjoy rose bushes for privacy screens. The blooms and fragrance are terrific to smell when you relax in your yard. The wonderful aspect of rose bushes is you can trim them to any height. You can even encourage them to grow on several trellis pieces to create a denser privacy barrier.

Bamboo Plants

Many people assume that all bamboo plants are tropical. You can only use these if you live in warm climates that are sunny most of the year. However, did you know that there are some varieties of bamboo plants that are cold climate hardy? This means that virtually any homeowner can use bamboo plants for privacy screens. Bamboo plants look very nice between hedges or in a row by themselves.

Leyland Cypress Trees

Leyland Cypress trees are very hearty and fast growing. You can alternate these trees with hedges, rose bushes or bamboo. They fill in rather nicely and grow to very tall heights. This means that you have privacy without having to trim or worry about plant maintenance.

For people that do not like to garden, the Leyland Cypress trees are an excellent choice for privacy. There is little maintenance once the trees are planted. You can use them by themselves or in combination with other natural screens.

Lombardy Popular Trees

Lombardy Popular trees make excellent wind breakers. They are extremely fast growing similar to the Leyland Cypress trees. Many people like these trees because of the blossom on them. The only difficulty is that they do not live as long as the Leyland Cypress trees and some of the other trees. If you are considering changing the barriers in your back yard you can use these trees as temporary solution to offer you a great deal of privacy.

Lattice Work Fences

Often people do not want to put up solid, tall privacy fences. They feel as though the yard becomes claustrophobic. An alternative to this is lattice work fences. This will reduce the number of animals that wonder through your yard and provide some level of privacy from neighbors and traffic in the neighborhood. For homeowners with a green thumb you can get a variety of plants to grow on lattice work fences such as English Ivy.