How to Paint Basement Tile

If you are debating whether or not to paint basement tile you might want to consider the costs involved in replacing or covering it up in order to help you make up your mind. Replacing tile can be a time consuming process while painting it can make it look like new for a fraction of the cost and labor involved in replacing.

It is actually not a terribly difficult thing to do when compared with other painting jobs that you may tackle in the home improvement process. Follow the guide below in order to properly paint basement tile for a completely new look for your basement.

Before you Paint

The things you do before you paint basement tile are as vitally important as the painting process. Be sure that you take great care in accomplishing each task properly, thoroughly, and allowing any time necessary for other improvements, drying, etc. That being said the first step for many is the least attractive step but must be done before embarking on a painting project or your time and effort painting will be completely wasted.

You must thoroughly clean your tile and grout. I recommend using a commercial grade cleaner in order to remove all the dirt and grime that may have accumulated over the years. You must also get rid of any mildew at this time as well.

Use the kinds of pads you use when scrubbing no stick cookware in order to remove the debris and dirt without damaging your tile and be sure to remove all traces of the cleaning product. If you need to make repairs to the grout, now is the time to do so—keep in mind that they must dry for a minimum of two days before you can move on to the painting process.

The next step is equally fun for many people (please note the sarcasm dripping from the keys) and even more fun for others. That being said it is another very necessary part of the process. You must sand, sand, and sand. You should select a very fine paper for this project.

You want to sand just enough to remove the glaze but not enough to damage the surface beneath. This process is much easier if you use an orbital sander but the paint won’t bond to the surface if you don’t sand it properly. Once you’ve finished sanding it is just as important that you remove all the dust that sanding leaves behind.

Painting your Basement Tile

Now we finally get to the really fun stuff. Because so many people have laundry equipment in the basement and others have bathrooms in basements as well, I recommend finding a paint for your basement tile that will stand up well to the humidity that washers, dryers, and showers, can bring into the situation. These paints are generally quite specialized and will require the precision of a brush for application rather than a roller.

Check with the manufacturer of the paint for recommendations as technology is evolving daily to make these projects easier for consumers. The good news about many high humidity paints is that they do not require a primer coat. This will be a great bonus as far as time goes (particularly if you find a variety that allows the use of a roller rather than a brush).

As I said before it is much easier than you may think to paint basement tile. It is also much less expensive to paint your tile than to replace it or have someone else do the painting for you.

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