Painting Backsplash Murals Using Creativity

If you have a bit of an artistic streak that you would like to have show in your home, you might want to consider painting backsplash murals or other creative artwork in your kitchen backsplash. This is one area that often gets overlooked when decorating or designing yet can have a huge impact on the overall look and feel of your room. In fact, this is actually growing in popularity to the point that there are artists that make fantastic livings through the art of kitchen backsplashes alone.

Painting backsplash murals may seem a little overwhelming to those who have not tried projects of this scope before. If you are nervous about the prospect remember that paint can almost always be painted over so you really shouldn’t be too afraid to try. You just might find the artist hidden within.

You do not have to start with painting an entire wall; you could begin by painting the ceramic tiles that will eventually be used as your backsplash. Or with a simple painting project such as sponge painting for your walls if you are painting them directly. While you want to go a little beyond your comfort zone you do not want to go past the point of redemption should you decide this isn’t your cup of tea either. This should be an enjoyable project not a headache.

How to Paint a Kitchen Backsplash

The easiest method is to paint ceramic tiles that will be used as your kitchen backsplash. Depending on your ambition and the amount of confidence you have in your abilities you can elect to attempt a brilliant mural or you can opt for using stencils and painting the tiles according to the stencil. Once you have gone to the effort of creating your masterpiece you will need to protect the hard work you have done.

Currently there are two options for doing so. One is firing the tile, which can be accomplished by going to a local kiln operator or pottery shop (you can contact local craft stores for information about kilns in the area if you do not know of one yourself).

Another, newer method of setting and protecting your hours of labor is to use a 3 step sealer process. In this process you will apply the base, then 2 coats of primer before you paint the tiles. Once you’ve painted your tiles and they have had ample time to dry you will apply a coat of permanent sealer in order to finish them.


The other method for painting backsplash murals is to freehand or use stencils on the actual wall. There are many people using this option in their homes and kitchens and it is growing in popularity because it offers much less expense than ceramic tile and can be more easily removed if you are selling the house and need to ‘tone down’ the look of your kitchen somewhat (remember not everyone will have the same taste you do and when you’re selling your home neutral works better for a wider variety of potential buyers).

By painting kitchen backsplash murals you are allowing yourself and your talents to be a part of your kitchen while also providing a very creative and functional expression of your creative nature. Seize the opportunity to add a personal touch to your kitchen that will be completely unique to your home and impress the neighbors with your creative talent.

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