How to Paint A Ceiling

Many people do not mind painting their walls when renovating or redecorating their homes. In fact, as one of the easiest jobs in the DIY spectrum, many look forward to it, but the same cannot be said of painting a ceiling.

Not only are homeowners reluctant to learn how to paint a ceiling but many have no intention of even attempting it because it can be awkward and is perceived as dangerous. You might be surprised to find that it is actually a really simple and enjoyable job when you know how. No danger involved.

The Golden Rules of Ceiling Painting

Before you look into how to paint a ceiling, you should know that there are several rules that you absolutely have to adhere to. These golden rules will eliminate the dangers of painting ceilings. This includes the danger of messing up your walls, carpets, tiles and anything else that you may have in the room in question. The golden rules are as follows:

1. Never contemplate how to paint the ceiling after you have painted the woodwork, walls or fitted new flooring. You absolutely must paint the ceiling before you do anything else in the room

2. Always move furniture out of the room where possible but if you do need to think about how to paint a ceiling with fixtures and fittings in place then cover them with plastic sheets

3. Always use a ladder or scaffolding that can be completely secured in place so as to ensure your safety. Having someone else nearby just in case is always handy but do not overstretch because you do not want to compromise your own health

4. Make sure that you have all the tools to hand so you can do each coat in one go. Failing to do this will leave the ceiling patchy. Always apply at least three coats, regardless of what type of paint you use.

5. If you are right handed then work across the room from right to left. Left hand individuals should do the exact opposite

Now you have the golden rules of painting ceilings down, you can get on with actually doing the task. The steps below will help you to do just that:

1. After placing plastic sheets where necessary and stabilising the ladder or scaffold, make sure all materials are in easy reach. You will need a 2โ€ small brush, a 6โ€ large brush, a roller with an extended handle, the paint itself and a paint tray into which you should pour the paint when using the roller.

2. Pour the paint into the paint tray and roll the roller in it. Make sure the roller is evenly covered with paint and then begin to roll it evenly across the ceiling, methodically covering every inch. Leave a 3โ€ border around the edge of the ceiling free from paint during this step.

3. When the rest of the ceiling is done, take the large brush and apply paint to the area left free in the previous step, being careful not to touch the walls.

4. Check your handiwork via natural light and use the small brush to fill in any areas that you have missed. Do not use artificial light because that will not highlight the gaps properly.

5. Leave it 24 hours and apply a second coat, before repeating it again a further 24 hours later.

This is just how easy it is to learn how to paint a ceiling. You will find that doing it once is enough to give you the confidence to do it again. After all, practice makes perfect.

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