Painting Concrete Basement Floor

It is really amazing to see how great a painted concrete floor looks. The advantage of painting concrete basement floor is that this is the perfect solution for a really inexpensive floor that will probably last forever. Although it might take more than two days to finish painting concrete basement floor, I can assure you that it really is worth doing it. Here is some advice on how you can beautifully paint the floor of your basement on your own.

Cautions before Applying the Color

Before beginning the process of painting concrete basement flooring, you should check out the state of the concrete floor, namely to see if it is damp or if there are any puddles on its surface. If this should be the case, call for a professional who can take care of the water seepage problem. If you have no such issues, make sure that the concrete is completely dry before you start painting.

Then make sure that the concrete is clean, that there is no grease on the floor. This is a very important aspect, because the paint will not adhere to the concrete. What can you do to remove the grease? Firstly, put down cat litter to completely absorb the grease, and then scrub, and rinse with water.

After that, wait for about three days for the floor to dry out. Remove any paint or glue or paint residue with a hand sander or with a thick piece of sandpaper, then use the vacuum to perfectly clean the area. Because the work area has to be well prepared and level, use cement to repair any possible cracks and holes. After you have taken care of these aspects, you can go down to business.

When you begin the process of painting concrete basement floor, roll on the floor two coats of primer and stain blocker, but you have to wait after each spreading of the coat. Everything has to be dry when you begin the painting of the concrete floor.

What you have to do next is to use a roller or a paint compressor to paint a minimum of two coats of a latex flat paint. That;s about all for the beginning of this process. This was the technical part of the project. What comes next is the fun, the creative part.

Time to Be Creative

A part of painting concrete basement floors is all about creativity. Use you imagination to create geometric patterns, models of stones or tiles, fake brick roads, and so on.

After you have finished with that, let the concrete surface dry completely. Then roll on two coats of sealer with a nap roller, but with this action, you’ll need a respirator mask because a lot of dust will be spread in the air. What comes next is another period of relaxation because the surface needs to dry out. And that’s all!

Now that you have finished the process of painting concrete basement floor, you have a beautiful, indestructible, colorful, interesting floor in your basement. You can use this space as a place of spending some quality time, especially if you place some comfortable furniture in here, decoration objects and some pieces of rugs on the floor.

The basement can become a beautifully, stylish designed place. You can create there a very nice environment especially in winter time when you tend to spend more time indoors.

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