Painting a Fireplace

before and after painting a fireplacePainting a fireplace can have a significant impact on your entire room. While many people find that with new trends, the fireplaces that they once loved is now little more than eyesore within their homes.

Perhaps for some, it was a contentious spot within the home all along that was tolerated in favor of other finer points within the home. At any rate, at some point in time, you will probably want to consider painting your brick fireplace in order to create a softer look for your room.

There was a time in my life when I cringed at the idea of painting a fireplace. That time it seems has outlived its usefulness (perhaps buying a home with an ugly brick fireplace had something to do with that determination) and I began to see the days and ways that this could be a good idea and actually raise the value of your home if nowhere other than your own eyes.

Your home is the space in which you live your life. It does not make sense to make all decisions for your decorating style in relation to the value they will add when selling your home rather than the value they add to your affection for your home. Many of us, unfortunately get caught up in that trap when making style, decorating and design decisions about our homes.

What Special Considerations should be Used?

This is actually a good question to ask. It is not like you are painting your average wall. Brick has a very special type of surface that most of us have not really dealt with when it comes to painting. You will need a special primer and special paint in order to properly bond with the surface of the brick. Not only is bonding with the material of the brick an issue, but also resistance to the high temperatures that a fireplace introduces to the room.

For that reason it is a great idea to take a walk through your local home improvement store and check out all of your available options. This will give you an indication of several things. First of all, the overall price that you could be facing for the entire project (incidentally this is far less expensive than adding a new façade).

Second, you will have a better understanding of the type of paint and supplies you will need as well as a general understanding of the full scope of the project. Finally, you will get to see the many choices that exist for color and style and which one you feel will work best in your home.

The final thing you really need to consider before slapping on a coat of flame resistant primer is that painting a fireplace is almost always a process that cannot be reversed. You can possibly change the color but you can never go back to the original color. This really is a leap of faith for most people and there are many people who are not quite prepared for that level of commitment and find out too late.

Once the Decision is Made

Once you have made the decision in favor of painting a fireplace, the only thing left to do is select your paint and supplies (many major home improvement stores sell kits in popular colors specifically for the painting of fireplaces), mentally prepare, and seriously clean. Yes, you heard right. Before you begin painting a fireplace you must make sure it is nice and squeaky clean.

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fireplace renovation images by Jeff Kubina