Pantry Design Ideas

kitchen and pantry designJust when kitchens were starting to shrink in size, along came a plethora of TV cooking programs that made viewers salivate enough to pick up a pan, a wooden spoon and a couple of ingredients and whip up a dish to be proud of!

In these days of compact living and fast food addiction, it’s sometimes assumed that kitchens are redundant but in fact, home cooking is experiencing a resurgence thanks to growing obesity numbers and a renewed enjoyment in food preparation.

Bright, shiny home appliances are the new must-haves and pantry design ideas are hugely important because they’ve finished making over their wardrobes and lives in general. Embrace the new kitchen culture! Give your pantry the attention it so richly deserves!

Whether your kitchen occupies a tiny corner of your one-bedroom apartment, or it is an oversized eat-in space with cabinets galore and everything that opens and shuts, pantry design ideas come in very handy for organization and user friendliness. No matter its size, your pantry has the potential to keep you on track with your diet, to make you well known to friends as a wonderful entertainer, and to keep the family from nagging “When’s dinner going to be ready?”

Country Pantry DesignFirst things first; before you come up with pantry design ideas that will work for you, you need to determine your household’s eating habits and meal behaviors. If you’re a busy single who snacks on the run, you’ll need plenty of space for cans, instant packet mixes and sandwich spreads.

For a family of health conscious people of different ages, there’s a need for large size packs of cereals and so on, so space is important. And for a traditional baking type of Mom – or Dad – all those bags of flour and sugar have to jostle for eye contact along with all the daily essentials.

Here are some pantry design ideas you may not have thought of:

    1. Vegetable baskets – Potatoes and onions store well in cool, dark, dry places so the pantry is just perfect. Baskets that swivel out when you open the pantry door are ideal so you don’t have to bend over to pick up the produce.

    2. Basket drawers – Hidden in the deep, dark recesses of your pantry are all those expensive food items that you don’t use every day. If they’re out of sight, chances are they’ll go to waste. Basket drawers can be fitted very easily and they are an investment that will save you plenty of money on those occasional-use foods such as gourmet olives, fancy crackers and delightful dessert sauces. See also How to Make Drawer Dividers.

    3. Shelves, shelves, shelves – Your pantry will of course come fitted with a few shelves but they’re never enough. Decide what you want to place on each shelf – one for cans, one for cereal boxes, another for sauce and ketchup bottles and still another for spices – and add shelves at the appropriate heights.

    4. Doors – Sometimes one door can be the best solution, otherwise, being able to open one side of the pantry and not the other is important. Space will determine your requirements so think logically.

    5. Pull-out pantry – It could be that a cabinet has not been set aside as a pantry in your new home. Improvise and set up some drawers as a pull-out pantry. Use fixed front drawers and some freely-moving inner dividers for simple access to your pantry’s contents.

    6. Stool – If height is a problem for some members of the household, keep a stool in the pantry so nearly everyone can reach what they need.

Aside from the fridge, the pantry is the go-to place for the entire family when they’re hungry. If you implement these simple pantry design ideas and keep it well-organized, tidy and with all the contents clearly visible and reachable, then life will be a whole lot easier for everyone.

photos by Mary and Przemko Stachowski- CreativeCommons Attribution