Do It Yourself Parquet Floor Refinishing

A wooden floor looks great in almost any house. It has an elegant feel to it, along with having the easily washable benefits of linoleum. But wood floors take a little bit more effort to maintain, and over the years you may notice that yours has started to lose some of the original beauty that led you to install it. Maybe it has become excessively scuffed, or maybe the color has faded and it is no longer as rich in color as it used to be.

These things are easily remedied, because now it is a quick and easy process to refinish a wood floor at home. With the right chemicals and with the right finishing, you can make your floor look completely new, and maybe even have it last longer this time. Here is a basic guide on how you can accomplish this.

Before you refinish the floor, you need to deal with the material that was previously on the wood. The previous wood has probably been varnished, or even painted in an attempt to make it more pleasant to the eye. So when you start to refinish the floor, you will need to remove the old stuff from the floor.


First you have to completely clear it, and then go to town with some of the chemical removers that are available in any home improvement store. These are usually sold in large drums. You can apply it to rags and scrub manually, or even put it in a bucket and apply it with a mop. You may have to scrub for a few hours to remove all the old finish, but you want to be completely thorough in removing it so that the new finishing can go on as smoothly as possible.

When the floor is ready to have the new finishing applied, you will use whatever method is recommended for the brand of finishing that you have chosen. Some require you to apply them through the use of a gyrating sander which will evenly spread the finish onto the ground. Others will be easier to apply using a comically oversized brush.

No matter what the methods of application are, you will want to be absolutely sure to apply it as smooth and as uniform as possible, without creating any areas which have light spots, or are literally pooling with the applied substance. You may also apply sealant beforehand or afterwards in the same manner, to provide added protection from moisture.

Dangers of Parquet Floor Refinishing

During the whole process, you need to keep your own safety in mind. Most of the chemicals you will be dealing with (for example, the remover, the sealant, and the finish) emit Volatile Organic Compound fumes which are possibly toxic. To avoid feeling quite lightheaded once you are done, be sure to aerate the room by opening some windows and setting up fans to keep the air running. This will ensure that you can refinish the entire floor, and avoid waking up in a pool of floor sealant.

Refinishing a wooden floor is an easy thing to undertake, and should not take more than an afternoon of work. So if you think that yours could stand to be revitalized, you should by all means do what it takes to refinish your floor.