Patio Furniture Cover Tips

Patio furniture is really functional and a great accessory during the summer for all occasions; from sun bathing to barbequing, any porch or backyard is not complete with out a durable set of patio furniture.

Patio Furniture Cover

In order to have these items for years to come without needing to restore or worse, replace them, every year, you need to take some care with them. If you don't have someplace to store them over the autumn and winter period, like a garage, basement or attic, it is good to buy patio furniture covers.

Important tip before storing your patio furniture:

    - Cleaning - you should clean all patio furniture, cushions, barbeque before you store them indoors or use any patio furniture cover; the same practice must occur when taking them in spring as they may have collected dust, grime and mold over the storing period.

A patio furniture cover can be homemade or bought in the department store; if you want to use homemade covers, old bed sheets make the best choice as they are big enough and can just be thrown over the respective furniture and tied with ropes or bungee cords.

    - Cushions - Before covering them make sure they are clean but also dry to avoid catching mold by spring.
    - Umbrellas - Keep them high above the ground where insects or other such pests cannot access and damage them during the long winter months.
    - Barbeques are usually left in the yard well-cleaned and properly covered so they don't rust.

However if you choose to invest in a ready made patio furniture cover, you will find that the rewards are many, and you can use the covers for years to come; the covers can be found in specialized stores and also department stores that carry patio furniture.

An Ounce of Prevention

A patio furniture cover is the right step in keeping your patio furniture in good condition for years; even autumn winds and rain can cause great damage to your furniture. Sometimes when there is a lot of damage to your furniture, it will cost you more to restore the piece then to actually buy new furniture.

Start protecting your patio furniture today by making individual patio furniture covers for every piece of furniture and accessory that you have; in the coming spring and summer you will be glad you did. In the long run it will work out to have saved you money.

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