Guide to Pest Proofing Your Garden

You take time to plant flowers, trees and other common household types of garden plants. You make sure they have the proper amount of sun and water, and hope that they grow to be healthy. However, despite the efforts to provide all that plants need to grow, many times its one thing that will prevent plants to grow healthy: pests.

Pests are one of the most common problems facing gardeners and homeowners. Pests can harm plants, flowers and trees by invading the plant and causing damage. Sometimes the damage can be so severe that the plant will not be able to survive.

There are many types of pests which can affect plants. Pests can be in many different forms. They can be insects that attack plants such as ants, weevils, slugs and beetles. Pests can also be in the form of living things such as dogs, cats, birds, raccoons and deer. Another form of pest that gardeners and homeowners need to be concerned with is the problem of weeds and other vegetation that can harm plants. Whether the pests are in the form of insects, animals or weeds, protecting your plants are very important.

There are several ways that gardeners and homeowners can protect their plants from pests of all types. These include the use of pesticides to kill of the pests. However, the use of pesticides have been found to be toxic to humans as well as other animals, so the use of pesticides needs to be very carefully controlled. However, other methods can be used that do not depend on the use of pesticides. These methods include rotating the crops (or plants), using insects as foes of pests, use of fences to keep out animals, and using spices and other scents that pests do not like.

While pests have been bothersome to gardeners and homeowners, through a variety of methods, pests can be controlled and plants, trees and flowers can be protected. To learn more about pests and pest proofing your gardens, we have assembled a collection of resources for your use. Use them and happy gardening:

  • Guide to Managing Pests – the home and garden guide to identifying and managing pests
  • Garden Insect and Pest Control – information on various pests that homeowners have to contend with
  • Garden Insects and Pests – details on common insects and pests that infiltrate gardens
  • Urban Tree Pests – problems and solutions on pests found in trees
  • Tree Pests – common pests and diseases that can be caused by them
  • Tree Pests and Diseases – information about diseases that are caused by tree pests
  • Flower Pest Management – help in identifying pests in flowers and how to manage them
  • Pest Identification and Diagnosis – resources in identifying and dealing with pests
  • Controlling Animal Pests – information on dealing with animal pests in gardens
  • Animal Pests in the Garden – information on common animal pests
  • National Pesticide Information Center – information on pesticides and usage
  • Pesticide Education Resources – data on pesticide usage
  • Pest Control Technology – resources and information on alternative pest control methods
  • Pest Control Alternatives – alternative solutions to controlling pests
  • Alternatives in Pest Control – information on various alternatives in controlling pests