Pet Stain on a Carpet

Most homes have at least some carpet in them. If yours does, you are going to get some pet stains. And the more pets you have, the more stains you will see. Changing out the carpet regularly is cost prohibitive in most cases so you need to know how to remove a pet stain on a carpet. This is important to keep your home attractive and hygienic.

The Carpet Shampooer/Extractor: First Line of Defense

A carpet shampooer/extractor is the best tool to use to get that stain out of your carpet if it is relatively fresh. You are better off buying one and keeping on hand; if you rent one, who knows how clean it is? And it will pay for itself.

Most carpet manufacturers recommend shampooing carpet two times per year. When you do shampoo the carpet, use the solution that has a built in stain resistant ingredient such as Scotchgard.

Easy Pet Stain Removal Tips

Always test for the color fastness of the carpet before using any stain removal product or method. Test it out in an out of the way place like in the corner of a closet. Avoid getting the padding wet, do not use bleach, and don't rub a stain.

Just blot the spot to take the stain out starting beginning at the outside and working inwards towards the center. This way the stain will not spread any further. Finally, put a thick stack of white towels on the moist spot and weigh it down with a a heavy object to remove the rest of the moisture.

With any pet stain, first use a white towel or a disposable diaper to remove as much as possible. Remember to blot,not rub. Combine one tablespoon of ammonia and 1/2 cup of room temperature water.

Spray the area and blot again. Next combine 1/2 teaspoon dish detergent and one quart of room temperature water. Again, spray and then blot. You should now see the stain starting to come out. Keep up this step until the stain has been removed. Finish with a last rinse by spraying with cool water and blotting.

Another method is spraying the area with a mixture of ordinary shampoo and room temperature water mixed half and half. Spraying and blot until the stain has lifted then rinse and blot with cool water.

Many pet owners report having good luck putting white vinegar onto a pet stain. Supposedly, it helps get the stain out and at the same time eliminates the odor to remove the pet's temptation to “mark” the territory anew.

Commercially Available Pet Stain Products

You'll find many commercially available products in your pet store or shopping center that will remove pet stains from your carpet. There are good ones and not so good ones.

What they do not tell you is that although they will likely remove the stain, they have a habit of leaving a residue that will bond with future dirt. Always re-clean the area with one of the above techniques to remove the chemical residue.

If you begin with a high grade carpet, and treat it for stain resistance you will be better off. And remember that a darker color carpet will be better at masking stains. When that inevitable pet stain does show up on your carpet, attack it as soon as possible.