Pinch Pleat Drape

A pinch pleat drape is a beautiful choice of window covering. A pinch pleat drape has triple pleats in the heading spaced at regular intervals. Formal living rooms or dining rooms are popular spots for a pinch pleat drape, but it can also be hung in family rooms, bedrooms and home offices.

There are many different kinds of pinch pleat drape to consider when decorating your home. A pinch pleat drape can be made from different fabrics, from lustrous silk to sturdy wool. The pinch pleat drape can be different lengths and can be displayed using decorative items to increase its attractiveness and reflect the style of the homeowner.

The fabric used to make a pinch pleat drape is usually heavier and of a better quality than curtain fabric. Because of the better fabric, a pinch pleat drape will normally need to be dry cleaned. Check the manufacturer's cleaning instructions before trying to clean a pinch pleat drape in the washer.

Depending on your preferences, you can buy a long or short pinch pleat drape. Generally speaking, the longer the pinch pleat drape, the more elegant it will look. A long pinch pleat drape can be used in a family room to dress it up a bit.

Many homeowners enjoy the romantic look of an extra long pinch pleat drape puddling on the floor. A shorter pinch pleat drape is a more casual look.

For added interest and beauty, a pinch pleat drape can be topped with a decorative valance or swag. A tieback can be used to hold the pinch pleat drape open during the day, allowing sunlight into the room and displaying the view from the window. Pretty trims like cord and tassels can also be added to a pinch pleat drape.

A sheer curtain is often hung behind a pinch pleat drape to filter light during the daytime when the drapes are open. If you enjoy a horizontal blind's ability to control the amount of sunlight in a room, but prefer the formal look of a pinch pleat drape, don't worry. The pinch pleat drape can be used over the blind for maximum privacy, lighting control and beauty. The pinch pleat drape can be tied back to allow light in the room.