Planting a Willow Tree

Planting a willow tree is an excellent idea for anyone looking to improve their garden. Imagine how relaxing a willow would look, swaying in the breeze as you unwind from another stressful day? Well, it is not only good for relaxation, but planting trees is also great for the environment too.

Through the process of photosynthesis, trees emit oxygen into the atmosphere; essential for life. So if you are considering planting a willow tree, think no more: it can be a lot easier than you think.

Selecting your Willow Tree

Willow trees are a truly beautiful addition to any garden. When selecting the appropriate willow for you, it is first best to understand what it is you are looking for. Do you have a suitable space in which to position the tree, or does it tie in with the decor of your garden otherwise?

These are both considerations that should be thought out before taking the plunge and choosing a willow. It is a good idea to go to your local garden store for your willow.

Even if this is not necessarily the cheapest retailer, it is invaluable as a source of information - the employees of garden centres are often very knowledgeable as keen gardeners in their own right, and would be more than happy to discuss planting a willow tree, and the best, most effective ways to care for the tree.


The best time to plant your willow is from the end of January to mid March, with autumn and spring causing problems for the growing tree. To plant a willow tree, it just could not be easier. As the tree in cutting form will initially have no roots, you simply push it into a hole in the ground of roughly 15 inches depth.

It is very important to ensure the soil around the site is tightly compact, and weed control is another issue which should be of concern shortly after planting a willow tree.

The Importance of Tackling Weeds

Weeds around the site of the planted willow can be the biggest single problem. By creating competition for natural resources, these unwanted weeds actually hinder your trees chance of growth. However, do not despair, and by all means do not let it put you off planting a willow tree.

There are numerous effective ways of getting rid of those weeds, and ensuring your tree has the best possible chance. Firstly, and most obviously there is hand weeding. By removing weeds from the soil by hand, this temporarily eradicates the problem of natural competition.

Secondly, there are also a wide range of weed killing products and sprays which serve to destroy the plant permanently by tackling the roots. These can be purchased from any DIY or garden store for next to nothing, so it should definitely be a consideration when planting a willow tree to avoid these weeds.

And that is pretty much all you need when planting a willow tree. These simple measures when planting your tree can really help make the difference between a strong, successful tree, and a weaker tree. Having said that, you also require a great deal of luck, and dedication to your growing tree, but if you take the time, you will really reap the benefits of beautiful growth and the magnificent colours the tree produces all year round.

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