Pond Filters UV

If you own a pond, you know that it can sometimes be a nightmare to keep clean, pure water. Particularly if you keep fish in your pond, you will notice that the water eventually becomes murky and pea-green. There are several different types of ways of eradicating this problem and returning your water to a cleaner, clearer state. In this article, we will focus on one such way: filtration through special pond filters UV technology.

How does the Filter Work

Pond filters UV technology works by forcing water through a tube within your pond. This tube contains within a strong UV (ultraviolet) light which is designed to kill particles of algae and life which live in your pond.

By removing the algae, the pond is returned to its natural colour, and the water is guaranteed to be cleaner and purer for your fish. One drawback of this filtration method is that it also eradicates beneficial bacteria, and other organisms which may be helpful to your fish, although these can be largely replaced without discolouring your pond water.

The Drawbacks

In preference to natural filters, pond filters UV technology is particularly strong and effective. It cleanses all water that passes under its light, and ensures that the water is thoroughly cleaned. However, the radiation omitted may have harmful effects on fish, although there is no scientific evidence to support this as of yet.

One tangible concern is that it does kill beneficial bacteria, which will make your pond less natural for your fish to live in. Another major drawback is the expense. The initial investment will be quite steep in itself, not to mention the cost of installation and maintenance.

Replacing the UV light will also be an expensive pursuit, so it is not a decision to be taken lightly. There are other filtration methods which are more eco and wallet-friendly, and unless you have some particular reason for opting for a UV pond filter, it is not recommended.

Pond filtration
is a concern for every pond owner, and most certainly something that is likely to be a subject of debate for years to come. There are various different types of filter which work in various different ways and to varying degrees of effectiveness. All in all, the pond filters UV technology is a fairly extreme measure, and eradicates more good than bad.

Pros and Cons

Although it is particularly effective, it has been linked with health problems in fish, stemming from unhealthily pure water and the impact of radiation. Additionally, given their cost, they may not be the best choice for a household pond, and the maintenance and repair costs would certainly be hard to justify. Perhaps more effective for purifying drinking water, UV filtration is not recommended for use in garden ponds.

If you are looking to acquire such a filter, you can find excellent deals online, where the prices are far lesser than those charged by the major stores. Alternatively, you could visit a local garden store, where you will surely find a vast selection and some really handy advice to boot.

You should also take the time to research the alternatives, and without too much hassle, you will come across more beneficial, natural ways to cleanse your pond and clear your water. Again the internet is an invaluable resource, although you may also find some good information in some of the various publications on the issue.

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