Ultra Violet Pond Filters

If you have ever gone out into your garden to relax and to spend some time enjoying your beautiful pond, only to find that it was completely covered with slimy green and gray algae, then you may want to consider shopping for an ultra violet pond filter. The ultra violet pond filter can keep your pond algae free and is an important part of the system that cleans and circulates the water in your pond.

When you are shopping for an ultra violet pond filter, you should start by figuring out how many gallons your pond holds. This way, you will be sure to buy a filter that is strong enough to thoroughly clean your pond. In addition, your filter will last much longer if it does not need to strain and struggle to clean a pond that is larger than the ideal capacity.

Team Players

An ultra violet pond filter actually works as part of a team to keep your pond water clean, so you will need to also shop for a biological filter or standard filter, tubing, and a pump. The pump will push the dirty pond water into the tubing, which will carry the water to the ultra violet filter. After the water is run through the ultra violet filter, it is pumped into another section of tubing and on to the biological or standard filter. From there, the now clean water is finally pumped back into the pond.

The ultra violet pond filter has one job, to cause all of that unattractive green algae in your pond water to clump together. It works by running the algae filled water into the filter and pushing the water past ultra violet light bulbs. The exposure to the bulbs causes the algae flakes to gather together into clumps.

The algae then leaves the ultra violet filter and passes into the biological filter, which is able to catch the clumps of algae and remove it from the pond water. Without going through the ultra violet filtering step, a biological filter or a standard filter will be unable to trap algae and pull it out of the water.

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