Pond Algae Control

There is nothing like a pond to make a yard look like a work of art, but too many homeowners are not told about troubles with algae. No one tells them about pond algae control and how important it really is. As a result these people do not know anything about algae control and often some of their plants and fish die as a result.

A pond is not something that you should just dig and fill in. No, a pond needs to have the proper size pump installed in it for pond algae control. This pump should be moving at least a half of the water each day. This will help to keep the plants healthy all year round. If you plan to have or do have fish in your pond then you will need an eve better filter if you want them to live for very long.

Pond Filters

Not only is a pump necessary, so is a proper filter. It is the filter that will keep the water looking fresh and clear all year round. Without one of these the water will get murky and dark and you will not be able to see anything in it. Without good pond algae control it will end up looking like a great big mud hole in the middle of your yard. Not to mention the odor.

There are also some great enzyme products that you can purchase to keep the water at its best for looks and the health of your plants and animals. These are affordable and they can make a huge difference in your pond algae control.

Here are some more items that you can pick up to help you to maintain the wonderful look of your pond:

    Skimmer net

    These come with long ad convenient handles so you will not have to bend or stretch too much. They are very handy when it comes to pond algae control. They can scoop out any of the sludgy layers that can build up on the surface of the pond. They are lightweight and cheap to buy. You can buy them at any pool store online.


    This is the tool that you will use for your pond algae control when the skimmer does not seem to be catching anything. Sometimes the particles are just to small for the skimmer net to get so the vacuum is necessary.

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