Solar Pond Pumps

It makes a whole lot of sense to use nature to drive something so natural. Sure, you may have built your pond yourself but it's still a natural water feature and depending upon your choices, might be full of aquatic life or might be laced with pretty foliage and flora. Rather than use an electricity source, energy from the sun will power a solar pond pump, creating a cycle of use of the elements to work in harmony together. Additionally, a solar pond pump will save you a little money and may even be more reliable than an electric version.

Compact and low maintenance, a solar pond pump will add a beautiful fountain or waterfall feature to your pond, while using only the sun as its energy source. Compared to other pumps of similar flow rate, these ones are extremely efficient.

Murky Water Not a Problem

A commonly asked question is what happens in murky water? The good news is that a solar pond pump works remarkably well in such conditions because remember, the solar panel is not located beneath the surface, but above the ground where it can harness the rays of the sun all day long. The panel must be positioned in full sun so you will need to determine its location correctly to take advantage.

Many models are customisable as they come with a selection of fountain head sizes, allowing you to choose which spray pattern you prefer. Also, some solar pond pumps can be adjusted so that the water trickles out or shoots out, and then you can even choose how far or how high. These pumps are not usually freeze proof and the water output or height will of course, depend on the season.


If your pond is stocked with fish, turtles or other wildlife and/or is abundant with vegetation, it's essential that you include some kind of fountain or waterfall to create movement in the water and enable oxygenating. A stagnant body of water will die in a short space of time, and along with it, all the forms of life that had previously enjoyed a home there.

A solar pond pump will not only help to that end but will offer other features as well. The pump recirculates and filters water, costs nothing to operate, is simple to install, run and clean, and they usually have a two year warranty, should anything malfunction. Replacement parts are available and you can also buy extensions to cables and pipes if required.

Leave the running of nature to Mother Nature herself and she will smile upon your solar pond pump with satisfied pleasure. You can create a wonderful water wonderland in your very own yard and unless the government applies a tax on sunshine, never pay a cent to run it!

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