Pond Waterfall Pumps

Pond Waterfall PumpBackyard fish pools and water gardens are even more beautiful when pond waterfall pumps are used to create a cascading waterfall. A pump is needed to recycle the water so it returns to the top of the waterfall over and over.

Moving water is healthy water, discouraging mosquitoes and picking up oxygen as it goes. The negative ions created by moving water are refreshing to people in the area, too. Pond waterfall pumps can make a backyard sanctuary a possibility.

Pond waterfall pumps are often combined with a filter system for an even healthier environment for your koi fish or goldfish. These filters remove the ammonia from the water. The waterfall itself can be made of natural rocks or of labor saving, lightweight rock facades.


Pond waterfall pumps are classified according to gallons per hour or gph. In any outdoor pool, you should choose a pump with a gph of at least half the size of the pool. In other words, is you have a 1000 gallon pool, the pump should have at least a 500 gph. This figure needs to increase dramatically if you have heavy feeding fish, such as koi, in your pool.

When selecting pond waterfall pumps, the height of the designed waterfall needs to be taken into consideration, too. This figure is called the head pressure, or pumping height. The pump needs to be the most powerful, rugged unit appropriate to the job, since it will run around the clock, and is very important to the health of the water.

Pumps also vary in the amount of electricity they burn. External pumps can be quite a bit more efficient than submersible pond waterfall pumps. The submersible pumps are generally much easier to install however, since they can be simply dropped into the water, attached to the plumbing of the waterfall, and plugged in.

During the winter, pond waterfall pumps can be disconnected for cleaning. Under 40 degrees Fahrenheit, the pond should have a heater added if it contains fish. The pump will not be necessary at this temperature. The winter waterfall and pond can be stunning to look at if lights have been installed under the ice.

Photo by an iconoclast, Creative Commons Attribution License