Goldfish and koi backyard ponds

Rare Pond Plants

 Psilocarya scirpoides A rare pond plant is, just that - rare. Being a rarity, these days, it will probably means that is will be protected by state or even federal law and, were you to go in search of a specimen of it, you could end up in trouble with the law. So whilst the following examples of pond plants are mainly rare and protected pond plants, meaning you mustn’t just take them from the wild - you may be able to buy species of them from your local garden aquatic centers or stores. Where there is a known natural rarity of any of these plants, it has been stated.

Golden Club

Pond Aeration Schedule

Here we cover the basics of pond aeration schedules and explain why and when aeration is necessary for garden ponds. If you have a garden pond that is over 6 feet deep at any point, aeration is necessary. If you are creating a garden pond and do not want to use an aerator, then just be sure to make the pond less than four or five feet deep to be safe.

Why Aeration is Necessary

Installing Pond Lights DIY

Lighting on Wellington Botanical Gardens Pond at NightInstalling pond lights for DIY homeowners can be a time consuming procedure; follow this simple guide to get what you really want for your pond. An indoor or outdoor pond can add wonderful visual beauty as well providing a relaxing and comforting environment. The addition of lights can add real impact and take your pool from ho-hum average to an ever changing and stunning feature that will give your neighbors something worth talking about.

What Kind of Lights to Use

Low Voltage Pond Pump

It is satisfying to have a back yard pond year round, and pond owners realize the importance of a pond pump. Without a reliable and sturdy pond pump, the entire effect would be completely lost.

Backyard Pond Tips

Who doesn’t love a beautifully decorated pond with turtles, coy, frogs and other plant and wildlife in their backyard? It is an excellent accessory to your deck or patio area. It gives guests something to do when you have your family cookouts as they play with the fish or stare in awe of the colorful flowers and water plants you have.