Goldfish and koi backyard ponds

How to Add a Pond Fountain to Your Yard

add apond fountain tipsYou have a lovely garden, and the pond that serves as the centerpiece sets off the surrounding landscaping so nicely. Still, there is something missing. You need a little extra to make your backyard sanctuary perfect. A pond fountain might be the answer and installing one is easy to do.

Not only will a pond fountain enhance the aesthetics of your outdoor area, the fountain can help to oxygenate the water and keep whatever plants and fish you have in the pond healthier. Many people think this is a big job involving a landscaper's services, but the work involved on how to add a pond fountain to your current waterscape is pretty simple.

DIY Pond Filtration

If you have a pond for goldfish or koi then you should learn about DIY pond filtration. When you learn to properly maintain your pond, you not only save money but you also provide a healthier environment for your fish and pond plants.

When you pay someone else to take care of your fish for you, your fish will never have as much attention as they would when you yourself are taking care of them. Learning about DIY pond filtration is the first step you should take to ensure that your fish stay healthy and happy.

How To Use A Testing Kit Correctly

Goldfish Pond Plants

Goldfish ponds are a beautiful addition to any garden, and goldfish are hardy fish that can survive outside in ponds during the winter months, even in very cold climates. But, they will need goldfish pond plants, which will make them feel more comfortable as well as giving them a place to hide from outdoor predators.

There are many different types of goldfish pond plants, some are more decorative, and some are necessary to maintain oxygenation of the water and to clean waste material that may be in the pond. But plants are not just for utilitarian purposes in garden ponds, they are also attractive and fragrant, and there are plants available to please just about any aesthetic taste.

Plant Varieties

Indoor Koi Ponds

Indoor ponds for Koi are beautiful and can enhance an indoor space like nothing else. But, they face a set of challenges that an outdoor pond does not. When attempting to set up indoor ponds for Koi, several environmental problems must be taken care of in order to have a pond that will not only live, but thrive.

Sunlight and Temperature

Outdoor ponds have the advantages of natural sunlight, which not only allows the ponds plants to grow, but helps the Koi maintain their coloration. With indoor ponds for Koi, the sunlight they receive will be filtered through windows, door or skylights.

Whiskey Barrel Ponds

Adding a pond to your garden can make a real difference to your landscape. It can create a relaxing haven with the subtle movements of the water, or indeed an animated garden for the whole family to enjoy. Fortunately, ponds open up a range of possibilities for the DIY enthusiast, and making your own pond is one of them. In this article we will look at one of the most attractive ponds you can make for your garden, and why whiskey barrel ponds are so easy to make for yourself!

Why Whiskey Barrel Ponds?