Goldfish and koi backyard ponds

Whiskey Barrel Ponds

Adding a pond to your garden can make a real difference to your landscape. It can create a relaxing haven with the subtle movements of the water, or indeed an animated garden for the whole family to enjoy. Fortunately, ponds open up a range of possibilities for the DIY enthusiast, and making your own pond is one of them. In this article we will look at one of the most attractive ponds you can make for your garden, and why whiskey barrel ponds are so easy to make for yourself!

Why Whiskey Barrel Ponds?

How to Make a Fishpond

If you are wondering how to make a fishpond then I applaud your desire to create an oasis in your backyard. There are a few things you need to consider before getting involved in this particular project that may have a serious impact on the ultimate location of your fishpond or at the very least on the scope of the fishpond you choose to build. Remember that you are dealing with live animal and plant life so there is more involved than simply learning how to make a fishpond.

Things to Consider

Aerators for Ponds

You've gone to all the work of putting in a pond, filled around it and in it with plants and maybe even added some nice statuary and/or a pretty footbridge. And now you want to add some koi or goldfish for that perfect, just-right touch. Since you've done all this, it's important to know about taking care of those fish, and one of the ways to do that is make sure they are kept with an adequate supply of fresh, rejuvenating oxygen in the water so they'll stay healthy and vigorous. Aerators for ponds are just the things to do this with.

Overview of Benefits

Preformed Koi Ponds

Making your own backyard haven with preformed koi ponds can be a simple matter once you know a little bit about what you're doing. Since these fish are very expensive; they are sold by the inch at most places that sell them. You don't want to place them in an environment in which they won't thrive. You also need to put the pond in a place in which it will truly be enjoyed.

Placing it too far away from the house will make it out of sight, out of mind, and it may go for days without being visited. Of course, you don't want to place it too close to the house, either, for either aesthetic reasons or because you don't want to be stepping into a fish pond the moment you exit your back door.

Pond Filters UV

If you own a pond, you know that it can sometimes be a nightmare to keep clean, pure water. Particularly if you keep fish in your pond, you will notice that the water eventually becomes murky and pea-green. There are several different types of ways of eradicating this problem and returning your water to a cleaner, clearer state. In this article, we will focus on one such way: filtration through special pond filters UV technology.

How does the Filter Work

Pond filters UV technology works by forcing water through a tube within your pond. This tube contains within a strong UV (ultraviolet) light which is designed to kill particles of algae and life which live in your pond.