Goldfish and koi backyard ponds

Building a Farm Pond

Before building a farm pond there are some questions that should be answered. A farm pond is a beautiful and wonderful addition to your property and with proper planning you can ensure that your pond will be a great asset and not a liability.

When building a farm pond you should

  • Plan out the size and depth of the pond
  • Have an idea of how many gallons your pond will hold
  • Decide if your pond will be above the ground or below the ground

Underwater Pond Lights For Beauty And Safety

A pond is not just a water feature. It can be the focal point of your entire yard, but if there is no lighting, it will fade into the darkness at sundown and only be a worthwhile attraction during daylight hours.

Underwater pond lights extend the appeal for as long as you want in a twenty-four hour period. It makes a lot of sense to light your pond at night because not only does it enhance the setting, but it also provides a kind of warning system that the pond is there so that no danger is caused to children or animals in the vicinity. Installing underwater pond lights is a do-it-yourself project that can be completed in a weekend.

Pond Algae Control

There is nothing like a pond to make a yard look like a work of art, but too many homeowners are not told about troubles with algae. No one tells them about pond algae control and how important it really is. As a result these people do not know anything about algae control and often some of their plants and fish die as a result.

Choices in Pond Liners

Modern home owners appreciate the value and beauty of a garden pond. For many reasons, pond liners make these garden pools more efficient and easier to maintain. Pond liners are available for every size from small goldfish ponds to small lakes. The best lining materials are durable, flexible in any temperature, and friendly to fish and plants.

Fish Pond Kits

If you dream of having a garden pond, but dread the research involved in creating one, fish pond kits offer an all-in-one solution. While there are different types of kits on the market, each is designed to simplify the business of installing an backyard pool that sustains fish. When you buy a kit, about the only things you don't get are the water and the fish!