Pool Safety Fence

Getting a pool safety fence not only adds beauty to your swimming area, but it may mean the difference between the life and death of a child. Read on to learn more about the benefits of installing a pool safety fence in your backyard swimming pool area.

A pool safety fence with a self-latching gate is the first step toward preventing young children from drowning. Unrestricted access to swimming pools leads to the death of more than 300 children every years and thousands of swimming-pool-related injuries. Not only should a fence be erected along the perimeter of the pool owner’s property, but also between the pool and the home, itself.

You can purchase a pool safety fence in several different styles:

  • ornamental
  • private
  • designed with spaced pickets
  • chain link.

The most important characteristic, however, should be an acceptable difficulty – impossibility, actually – for children to be able to climb a pool safety fence, so keep this in mind during your selection.

 A reliable pool safety fence needs to be at least four feet in height. Children should not be able to climb over them or gain a foothold on any part of the pickets or railing and use this to gain access to the swimming pool area. Any space beneath the pool safety fence – the portion separating the bottom rail or pickets – needs to be no greater than four inches. This small amount of space should never be allowed to become greater (for instance, by digging animals) so children cannot crawl or squeeze beneath a pool safety fence.

 A high-quality pool safety fence can be made of wood, vinyl, wrought iron, steel, or any other dependable fencing material. You can purchase them in a number of attractive designs and within pricing suitable to almost any budget. So before you fill your swimming pool with any amount of water, be sure and make sure the installation of a good pool safety fence has occurred. It’s a small step when you consider the life of child – and a big step toward providing pool owners with much-needed peace of mind.

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