Installing Porcelain Tile

Installing porcelain tile is easy if you follow some useful guidelines. You have to be very careful with the porcelain tiles as not to break them when installing. Before you begin your work, you should have everything ready so you do not become distracted and get a little careless with the tiles. Porcelain tiles are beautiful additions to kitchens, bathrooms and even in entryways, but you do need to take special care when installing them.

The first thing to remember is that the floor has to be completely flat in order to lay porcelain tiles. The underneath of the tiles has to be solid without any flex. The sub floor cannot have any hollow spaces and the tile has to be laid accordingly. Choose smaller tiles to lay because they are easier to work with than larger tiles. Smaller tiles are less likely to crack with use.

Step 1

Clean the floor in which you are going to cover with the tile. Start the tiles at one end of the room and start spreading the mastic on the floor in two-foot sections around the area. Place the first tile down and press firmly. Then add the remaining tiles and keep going to until you reach the end. Do not walk on the tiles. Kneeling is allowed to place any cut pieces at the ending point.

Step 2

Cut the ending tiles with a tile cutter. It is important that you are very careful when using this tool. Allow the floor to dry for an entire day before adding the grout.

Step 3

Use a wet saw to make notches in the tiles. The tiles that go around the outlets and switches or the cabinet corners, you will need a wet saw to cut the tiles. Mark the tiles and lay them flat on the wet saw table. Turn on the power, slide the table forward for the first cut, and bring it backwards. Then turn the tile and make the final cut. Set these tiles.

Step 4

Fill all the tile joints with the grout. Let the tiles sit and dry for 24 hours before adding the grout. When ready for the grout, mix the mixture and use a rubber grout spreader to apply the grout over the tiles. Make sure to get the grout tightly into the joints. Continue until you have all the joints filed.

Step 5

Clean the tiles with water and a soft sponge. You will want to make sure that you get all the grout off the tiles and allow drying. The floor can be walked on the next day. There should be a t least a twenty-four hour period of drying before walking on the new porcelain tiles.

Some Useful Tips

Keep extra tiles in a safe place in case you would have to replace a tile due to cracking. These tiles are beautiful, but care is needed in taking care of the floor.

Do not drop heavy metal things on the floor. This could cause a chip or a crack in the tile.

If you have to replace a cracked tile, be very careful when working around the other tiles. You do not want to cause any more damage.

Clean the tile floor with a mild soap and a soft mop head. Never dump water on the floor and let stand.

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