Portable Air Conditioners

A Portable air conditioner is a wonderful utility for every homeowner. There are times when you may have a task or job at hand in an area such as the garage, basement, or attic, and a portable air conditioner will provide more cooling benefits than a typical fan.

When considering a portable air conditioner you may want to base your choice on BTU. BTU is the energy unit used by portable air conditioners. The greater the BTU the larger amount of Square Feet the portable air conditioner will cover. For instance, 7500 BTU will cover 150 Square Feet.

A portable air conditioner with 9,000 BTU will cover 200 Square Feet. A 10000 BTU portable air conditioner will cover 250 Square Feet. A portable air conditioner with a BTU of 12000 will cover 350 Square Feet. And a portable air conditioner with 13000 BTU will cover 400 Square Feet.

Choosing a Portable Air Conditioner

You can choose a portable air conditioner that has either a dehumidifier or heater. A portable air conditioner with additional heater functions will allow you to use your unit in both winter and summer months. This is a wonderful benefit for those who would like to conserve energy and additionally save money on their utility bills.

You may also select a portable air conditioner with a dehumidifier function. Your unit may come with a ventilation or exhaust hose. These are typically attached to an outdoor window. A portable air conditioner unit is also perfect for small offices, mobile homes, and trailers. Some units feature either drip or no drip functions. The drip functions will require you to empty a small tray of water every few days or so.

Features and Options

We have discussed a few of the options available with a portable air conditioner. Some other features include Manual or Electronic portable air conditioners. Electronic portable air conditioners will have remote controls and are programmable to keep a set temperature.

You can also select between a single tube exhaust model and a dual tube exhaust. A single tube exhaust portable air conditioner unit will not circulate air as well as a dual tube exhaust model will.