Portable Patio Bar Sets

There is a growing trend toward entertaining guests outdoors on the deck, porch, or patio. Portable patio bar sets make outdoor festivities fun and simple. Roll out the portable patio bar set, complete with stools, and you have a comfortable place for guests to enjoy their drinks.

You also have a place for needed equipment and ingredients. The best portable patio bar sets are easy to move and comfortable to use. In addition, if they are well built, portable patio bar sets will give you years of service.

Outdoor furniture comes in a variety of styles to match any home decor, and portable patio bar sets are no exception. Often these items are made from wood, with teak being one of the most popular. Redwood is also durable and popular.

Wooden portable patio bar sets will be heavier than those made of other materials. They also need to be finished if they are to be left outdoors in inclement weather. Teak weathers to a gray color that is quite rustic and attractive. Of course, portable patio bar sets can also be stored inside an out building or utility room when not in use. They can also be fitted with a vinyl tarp or cover for protection.

Typical teak outdoor portable patio bar sets are built with rubber casters for ease of rolling. One innovative design that retails for around $2000 is made to expand to 90 inches long for larger crowds. It contains cabinets underneath the surface that store all your supplies.

A much less expensive option is a barbeque utility cart made of shorea wood. This is a tropical wood that is not endangered, looks like teak, and costs much less. This type of small cart can serve as part of a portable patio bar set or be used in barbecuing or for potting plants. Such a cart can be found for less than $150, but certainly does not offer the amenities of the more expensive portable patio bar sets.

Portable patio bar sets can also be made of resin or cast aluminum, and wicker accents are also quite attractive and popular. For about $1200 you can get a Tiki portable patio bar set that looks like it came straight from the tropics, even though it is made completely of polyveen resin.

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