Post and Beam Construction Archway

Post and beam construction is an architectural details that can add charm and whimsy to any home or building. There are also many different places inside and outside of the home where you can use post and beam construction to create a totally new design.

Post and Beam Archways

If you want to add a different architectural design to your home without disturbing what is already there, you can add a post and beam archway to the opening of any of your rooms. Many people find that wider openings, such as between the living room and dining room, are the perfect places to put these archways.

Materials to Create an Archway

To make the post and beam archway into your home, you will need the following supplies:

    lumber for scab
    wooden pegs for scab

The tools that you will need in order to complete the project are:

    Table saw
    Compound miter saw
    Carpenters pencil
    Safety goggles
    Wood glue
    Small head finish nail
    Pneumatic nail gun
    Hand saw
    Wood screws
    Power drill
    Drill bits
    Driver bits

Creating Your Look

In order to get the rustic look that you want, you will want to have the posts for the top and the sides along with diagonal braces, or knee braces, for the top corners. This way, you will see the architectural elements of this design stand out right away.

Building The Archway

For this particular design, you are not using actually posts and beams. Instead, you will be taking your materials and building them into a box that looks like the post.

This will save you money and extra costs with trying to get people to help you lift heavy beams and get them properly supported the archway. Even though this is a bit of trickery, the whole archway will look like solid even though you know that it is hollow inside.

To begin, you will want to cut the standard sized wood pieces into strips of varying widths. Then you will need to bevel the edges. These will be done at 45 degree angles with the miter saw.

Assembling the Archway

After you have cut all of the wood, you will begin to assemble the project in the doorway where you want to install it. You will need to apply glue to the bevel cut edges, then you align the edges and place them together. Put in nails to hold the pieces together until the glue is dry.

A 1 x 4 strip of lumber needs to be attached to the ceiling at cleat. Then you can begin to slip the sections of the ceiling beam over the cleat. Nail into place. Once you reach the side wall, you will need to measure and cut a piece to fit.

Once all of the post and beam pieces are in place, you can attach the knee braces to the corners. With this simple project, you can change the look and feel of any large doorway to make it a more rustic and charming focal point.