Precast Concrete Construction Technique

Precast concrete has been a revelation to fans of DIY who have had their hearts set on designing and constructing their own homes in recent years. It has in fact existed since ancient times, when it was extensively used to build homes, walls and any other structures that society may have use for. Precast concrete construction technique has therefore been developed and perfected over a number of years.

Personalize Your Environment

Precast concrete differs from regular concrete because it is made offsite in preparation for building work rather than being mixed and used at the scene like regular concrete. Precast stone can be made in much the same way as precast concrete, but it contains aggregate to give a more natural effect.

Pouring the concrete mixture in molds that are designed to shape and set the concrete blocks, however, is the technique used to make both. These molds can be purchased from hardware stores and are reusable so you can create as many blocks as you like ready to be used when employing precast concrete construction techniques.

A Simple Technique

Precast concrete construction techniques are not difficult to use by any stretch of the imagination. They were used by the Romans to build aqueducts, but today are more commonly used in landscaping, drainage systems or to create a building façade.

It is very rare that an entire house is made out of precast concrete because there would be severe transportation problems, but it is possible to create smaller constructs with it.

For example, if you want to create a wall using a specific wall form and precast concrete construction techniques, then it will take a day to make just five feet of the wall. It can be extremely time consuming, so imagine how long it would take to create a house!

A wall form costs approximately $5000, but if you do intend to use it with precast concrete construction techniques to construct a wall around your property then the cost will effectively spread to make it far cheaper than most other techniques.

Constructing Your Precast Concrete Wall

Precast concrete construction techniques can be used for a number of DIY tasks, but the most basic one to exemplify exactly how they can be employed is via constructing a wall. If you follow the instructions below, then you cannot go wrong.

    1. Lay the concrete wall mold on flat ground, ensuring that it is not even slightly tilted one way or another. If it is tilted then the finished project be will not be of uniform thickness. Spray the entire mold with water. A fine mist pump action bottle is perfect for this purpose. This will effectively stop the concrete sticking to the mold.

    2. After pouring the concrete evenly in the mold, it must be left to sit at a temperature of at least 70F to set for at least 12 hours. Once they are set and have been removed from the mold, they must be allowed to sit for a futher 14 days or so before being employed in precast concrete construction techniques.

    3. Dig a small trench of a foot or so where you plan to set the wall and begin to place the concrete wall in it. There should be a small gap either side of the wall, and this should be filled with concrete for a solid base with about 1” earth on top of the concrete when it has set.

    4. For larger wall constructs, it may be necessary to pull the wall up using rope. This is a common precast concrete construction technique as it applies the correct leverage without risking damaging the wall.

The precast concrete construction technique you may choose to apply may be slightly different, but every individual has to go with what feels most comfortable. None of the techniques are difficult so, whichever one you choose, you will soon have your desired effect.