Prefabricated Curved Staircase

When building or remodeling your home, a prefabricated curved staircase can provide you with that dramatic element you desire without taxing your builders - or yourself, if you're a do it yourselfer!

Staircases are available in a variety of rich woods as well as sleek modern steel. They are also available in traditional spirals and a wide array of other curved designs. A prefabricated curved staircase is constructed at the factory, right down to the finish on the wood in many cases.

A prefabricated curved staircase can make your home more valuable than a simple built in staircase. One basic alternative to a curved staircase is an L-shaped staircase. These can be attractive, but they don't carry the impact that a curved staircase makes.

A spiral staircase, which is a specific type of curved staircase, makes an impact while fitting into a tight space. Either a curved staircase, or a spiral one will make a first impression that will make your home memorable and easy to sell when the time comes.

Not a Kit

If you think a prefabricated curved staircase is simply a kit of factory designed pieces that you will have to put together like a big puzzle when it arrives, then think again. Prefab staircases are actually completely put together in the factory and can often be installed in the home within a few hours.

The savings on labor costs at the job site can make such an investment a real money saver in the long run. At least, it might not cost much more than a traditional staircase built by the construction workers.

Of course, safety is a prime concern with any staircase, and a prefabricated curved staircase is no exception. Good quality prefab staircases will have the joints made such that they are fastened together such that they will not eventually loosen up. They will feature treads that make the stairway safe to climb. Of course, many staircases will be eventually carpeted, too.

Staircases Designed in Detail

Many manufacturers of the prefabricated curved staircase use special software when engineering their custom products. The result is that home owners can see what their staircase will look like when it is finished. They can see pictures of their foyer with a dramatic curved staircase in place so they can make an informed choice about buying one. A particularly effective design for a foyer is the use of double curved staircases. These make a home reminiscent of a historic hotel.

If you are building a multi-story dwelling, and would like an outdoor fire escape, a steel prefabricated curved staircase can be just what you are looking for. These can be created to specifications and then added to the outside of your home for added safety. Installing a steel stairway is not only safer than hoping everyone gets out of the house in the event of an emergency. They also look attractive and provide an extra convenient way to enter or exit your home.


A metal prefabricated curved staircase can be made of aluminum, iron, steel, or galvanized metal. Makers of prefab staircases also provide models that are made of wood and metal combined. For instance, the treads or the handrail may be made of wood while the balusters and other elements are made of metal. Companies that custom bend metal to make curved staircases sometimes also offer services in bending pipes and other metal items for various needs around the house.

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