Preformed Koi Ponds

Making your own backyard haven with preformed koi ponds can be a simple matter once you know a little bit about what you're doing. Since these fish are very expensive; they are sold by the inch at most places that sell them. You don't want to place them in an environment in which they won't thrive. You also need to put the pond in a place in which it will truly be enjoyed.

Placing it too far away from the house will make it out of sight, out of mind, and it may go for days without being visited. Of course, you don't want to place it too close to the house, either, for either aesthetic reasons or because you don't want to be stepping into a fish pond the moment you exit your back door.

Preformed koi ponds make it a lot easier to have a water garden in your yard than digging a hole and either using a rubber liner or cement. Made from rigid plastic, you simply dig a hole to match the dimensions of the pond and then slide the pond form into it, backfilling wherever necessary with pea gravel, sand, or a combination of those and the dirt you've excavated.


The koi you place in preformed koi ponds feed heavily and therefore produce lots of waste. This means you need to have a water filter installed in order to provide a clean, healthy environment for this fish and to be able to keep the water in the pond clean enough to not only be attractive, but to be able to view the fish. The size and model of water filters depends, of course, on the size of the pond.

You will need a larger filter for big ponds than you will need for smaller ponds. Filtration systems are usually installed on the side of pond and can be easily disguised with either a grouping of plants surrounding it or by hiding it with a box and planting vines around it to help cover it. Be careful to not plant around the filtration system so that it becomes overgrown to the point that it's not readily accessible for maintenance.


Also plan on purchasing an aerator device for any preformed koi ponds you intend to install. This can be either an elaborate set up with a pump, depending on how large of a pond you are planning or a small fountain for little ponds.

It's important not only to the fish, but to the plants as well that you keep the water oxygenated as much as possible. The fish stay healthy and vigorous with a good oxygen supply, and as an added benefit, because the aerators keep the water constantly in motion, mosquito larvae are unable to survive.

Preformed koi ponds can make a big difference in your backyard. With the proper plantings around them, and maybe a bench on which to sit or even a footbridge for added drama and visual interest, you can turn a simple pond into a lovely backyard retreat. These preformed ponds are available online or in the garden centers of many home-improvement stores at a range of prices almost anyone can afford. So check them out and keep them in mind when you are considering creating a little piece of tranquility for your own backyard haven.

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