Prevent Weeds in Patio Layouts

Many people love the look of brick or stone patios. But to prevent weeds in patios such as this, you will need to make sure you take the right steps before and after the installation of this type of patio to keep yourself weed free.

Weeds can detract from the look of your patio, so you will want to keep these weeds to a minimum in order to maximize the beauty and pristine of your yard. This will not only impress those who come to visit, but it will let you enjoy a beautiful front, back, or side yard.


This first step in weed control is prevention. When you are installing your brick or stone patio, you will want to install landscape fabric. This is a synthetic material that will provide a barrier between the weeds and the patio.

You should put the fabric over the area about the soil has bee excavated. This is put down before you add the sand or gravel.

When you install the landscape fabric, make sure to overlap all of the seams with one or two inches of fabric. This will prevent weeds growing up through any shifting in the material. And since a 3x50 ft. roll costs only about $10, you should have not problem overlapping as much as you need.

Weeds Along The Sides

If you have taken the right steps to prevent weeds from growing under the patio, your next task is to make sure that they do not have the chance to grow along the edges of the patio.

You can prevent weeds along the sides by taking mulch and fill in all of the unplanted areas. Mulch is loose and wet enough that weeds have a really tough time growing in these conditions.


If you want to go even further in the prevention of weeds growing in your patio you can apply pre-emergent herbicides. These can consist of chemicals or nontoxic substances.

Make sure to follow the directions of the herbicide so that you can continue to prevent weeds from growing up in your patio.

Always check labels on chemicals to see if they are safe to spray around children and pets. If they are not, you will want to find an alternative herbicide to use on your patio.

What To Do With Weeds Already Present

Weeds that just continue to grow will be the ones that you have to pay most attention to. If you are wanting to rid yourself from these nasty eyesores, you will want to deprive the weeds of water. If you water your lawn, for instance, you are just feeding the weeds.

There are system that you can get that will deliver water to the roots instead of from above ground, and this can help you control the weeds that are already present in your patio and around your yard.

Having a patio without weeds will give your yard a beautiful garden-like setting that you can enjoy for years to come.