Privacy Fence Designs

Good privacy fence designs do more than offer backyard seclusion. They should also offer some degree of ornamentation as well as define property lines. Depending on the desires of the homeowner, you can now get an excellent choice in privacy fence designs with just a little shopping around. Wood privacy fences, chainlink, or vinyl privacy fences are all available.

Some things to keep in mind when selecting privacy fence designs include how you are going to use the fence. If it is to define property lines or merely to be used for decorative purposes, chances are your local ordinances pose no problem for building a privacy fence, although you’ll want to check just to make sure.

If, however, you are choosing from a selection of privacy fence designs to provide protection for children from a swimming pool, certain rules and regulations most certainly will need to be met. And even if you live outside city limits and cannot be legally penalized, applying the same restrictions to your choice of privacy fence designs for surrounding a pool may very well save a life.

Privacy fence designs should include heights of at least 6’ in order to meet effective requirements for what most people consider a reasonable amount of seclusion. Some local restrictions specify maximum fence heights, so this is another thing to be considered when making your decision.

A few typical privacy fence designs people select from during the decision-making process are:

  • Stockade
  •  Lattice
  •  Basket weave
  • Opposing board-on-board 

Each design has certain benefits the homeowner must consider, which includes how deeply into the pocketbook each type of fencing may dip. It stands to reason that the more of a material used (wood, vinyl, wrought iron, etc.), the higher the price – and the degree of privacy. So in a nutshell, a balance must be struck as to how much privacy one can afford from privacy fence designs that appeal to them.

Numerous online resources exist for consumers to choose privacy fence designs that fit their wants and needs, as well as their bank accounts. It’s only a matter of how much time you’re willing to invest in order to research, compare, and in the end, to spend. So bear this in mind the next time you’re considering privacy fence designs – they’re not just about being pretty!

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