Protection from Thieves

Options for protection from thieves can range from simply owning a good watchdog to having alarm systems costing thousands of dollars installed equipped with video surveillance and other features. Sometimes, it can be mind-boggling to determine which home security system works best for your own situation. So here is a look at a few to perhaps help you make a better, more informed decision.

Video Cameras

Of course, all home security and its subsequent protection from thieves depend on two things: your needs, and your bankbook. Installing a dummy video camera obviously costs much less than installing a real, working camera monitored by live security company employees, ready to contact the police at the sight of anything out of the ordinary.

And while the fake camera may fool some of the bad guys some of the time, chances are high it won't fool all the bad guys all of the time. Common sense tells most of us that this type of security system should only be utilized temporarily, if at all or in conjunction with other types of home security.


A family watchdog provides not only protection from thieves, but also serves as a warning to ward off any trespasser. A watchdog does not necessarily need to be one of the large breeds of dog. A tiny Chihuahua can sound the alarm just as effectively,albeit more shrilly, than the biggest Bull Mastiff. Since all dogs are territorial, it really doesn't matter if the dog is a mutt or a pedigreed champion, only that it barks at the approach of strangers.

A dog that possesses the strength and intelligence to actually physically deter someone from breaking into a home or gain access to your property adds an additional benefit. German Shepherds, Rottweilers, Dobermans, and Chows are good breeds that not only bark loudly and when they should, but with their size, strength, intelligence, and aloofness toward anyone other than family members, these breeds rate high as excellent home protectors.

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting poses yet another option for protection from thieves. Not only does nighttime lighting, strategically placed, make burglars think twice before targeting a home, it also adds a sense of ambience and beauty. But outdoor lighting should be placed wisely. Install it only where it can be seen from the street, at the front and sides, and not at the back, where it serves only to shed light for thieves who cannot be seen by neighbors or patrolling law enforcement.

Although most of the more sophisticated, electronic home alarm systems offer excellent protection from thieves, most fall beyond the means of the average homeowner. There are options, however, to at least help deter your home from being broken into. Using at least two or three of the above suggestions will make it much less likely that your house will be the one marked for gaining entry to by most thieves.

It has been shown that most offenders choose to move on to a more susceptible residence when faced with obstacles such as outdoor lighting, barking dogs, or the presence of any kind of video surveillance camera.

So don't think you can't do anything. With just a little you can do a lot toward providing protection from thieves, it just takes a little initiative and planning, and not nearly the amount of money you might have thought.

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