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Undercounter Freezer RefrigeratorAre you thinking of an under counter refrigerator freezer combo for your home? We have some information for you if so. There are under counter refrigerators and under counter freezers sure, but we want to take a look at under counter refrigerator/freezer combinations.

You can get an under counter fridge and freezer combo for anywhere from around $500 to as much as $3000. That is a pretty wide price range. As you can imagine, there are all sorts of options and we will cover a few of them here.

Need a little moisture in your home’s air, but tired of maintaining your humidifier? It is about time we introduced you to the self cleaning humidifier as an option for your home. You need to understand all of your humidifier options in order to make a properly educated decision regarding a humidifier that is ideal for your unique situation.

Humidifiers are used to add moisture to the air when it is too dry. When the cool air from outside in colder climates is warmed, it loses most of its natural moisture making the air so dry that it will cause discomfort for humans and even illness. Dry air is also bad for furniture and other items in the household.

Downdraft Cooktop

Time was and the only way to vent cooking and food preparation smells out of a kitchen was via an open window, then came the cooker hood, but now the latest method for removing cooking smells is with a downdraft cooktop.

In the old days an open window would often as not blow the cooking smells that you’re trying to vent out of the kitchen - right back into it. To avoid this problem you had to get a draught blowing through your house or apartment, so that the through flow of air would carry the smells away. The problem was that the draught could also carry lose papers and other things out, too.

Downdraft Cook Tops

Downdraft Range Hood

A downdraft range hood is something you may want to consider as a ventilation system with your home cooking stove if you are particularly limited on space in your kitchen or you just don’t like the looks of the other bulkier range hood options for your kitchen.

As you may know, all kitchen stoves or ranges must have adequate ventilation. In fact it is in the building and safety codes in most areas and often in the health departments codes as well.

In order to maintain a healthy environment in your home, you need to remove stale air and replace it with fresh air. Because modern homes are well insulated and sealed to optimize efficient use of energy, natural ventilation is not up to the task and additional ventilation is needed.

Water Heater Problems

Residential water heaters, being an appliance with various components and types, are subject to different problems that can be hard to troubleshoot. If your water heater is not working properly, it is best to call a qualified service technician rather than attempt to perform maintenance or repair yourself. In order to familiarize yourself with the range of problems that can happen, and possible causes, we have compiled the following list to help troubleshoot water heaters.

Water Temperature Excessively High