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Basement Bar Ideas

A basement bar will add character and charm to any downstairs family room. There are countless basement bar ideas and here are ten great ideas to meet almost every taste and budget. 1. A basement bar can consist of single elegant piece of furniture complete with, towel rack, storage cabinets, , and bar sink. ARead More

If your crawlspace is plagued by moisture problems then it could be time for you to start considering adding a crawlspace vapor barrier. Crawlspace vapor barriers are intended to prevent moisture from collecting on the floor of the crawlspace and to prevent moist air vapors from rising up into the room above it.

Preventing Crawl Space Moisture

If prevention is better than cure, then preventing moisture getting into the crawlspace in the first place is something you need to work on; it will also help the crawlspace vapor barrier once installed to be more effective.

Keeping your crawlspace clean and well maintained is essential if you want to avoid any costly repairs later on, so we hope you’ll find the following information regarding setting about crawlspace maintenance useful.

Generally speaking, allowing moisture or rubbish to collect in a crawlspace will inevitably lead to bad odors rising into your property, not to mention encouraging the growth of molds; whilst poorly maintained floors or walls could lead to vermin nesting in it creating all manner of potential problems.

By its very nature, a basement is below ground level and so is automatically susceptible to the problems of damp, subsequently using any old emulsion as a basement foundation paint will simply not be suitable. Instead you need to choose a basement foundation paint that is either marketed as a water sealant/barrier or at least as a water-resistant paint.

Basement Foundations

Of the three types of house foundations (slab, crawlspace, cave), full basements take the most time and work during construction. The construction of a full-height basement foundation can take two or three days. They consist of footings, a slab floor and reinforced vertical walls. The footings and slab are poured before the walls, mostly to make sure the concrete in these parts completely fills the formwork through the settling process. If wall, slab and footings are poured all at the same time, tamping equipment and mechanical vibration machinery are used to move the wet concrete into position.

Adding a bathroom in your basement has many advantages. If you are turning your basement into additional living quarters, a basement bathroom will complete it. It eliminates the need to go upstairs to use the bathroom. If you just want to cut down on waiting time for access to the upstairs bathroom, the addition of a basement bathroom will definitely help.