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With the economy in a rapid downward spiral and energy costs shooting through the roof, energy efficient windows are becoming a necessity to every person’s home regardless of the climate you live in.

No doubt wherever you are, it either gets too hot or too cold outside to be able to not use heat or ar condicionado. If it doesn’t this writer wants to know where you live because he will move there ASAP.

As is the case with most household materials, you will have different options for a new home being built than you would have for an existing home where you would be replacing old windows. Here we will show you the options available for new home being built.

Energy Efficient Window Options for New Homes

Arched Window Interior

If you’ve got an arched window, but aren’t sure if you can fit curtains for it - here are a few options for fitting arched window curtains for you to consider.

The option you choose will probably depend on how desperate you are to get curtains up at the window concerned, then how large the arch is that the curtains will be covering and finally exactly what sort of aesthetic are you looking for in terms of how the curtains will look, apart from their function as curtains providing privacy.

A Quick Fix for Arched Windows

Solar Shading

Proper use of solar shading can save you money and prevent over heating in your home. Everyone likes a house with lots of windows to give their home abundant natural light from the sun. The downside to this is that when summer comes around, the house has a tendency to overheat, feels humid and stuffy, and you turn on the air conditioning, running up energy costs.

Solar shading is the term used by architects, engineers and building system designers referring to a range of passive techniques to deal with overheating due to sun exposure on a building’s exterior. It encompasses:

- External Shading - Window Glazing and Films - Internal Blinds

These days you can apply just about any design or effect you want on your windows with decorative window film. Decorative window film is just what is sounds like. It is a thin plastic film that sticks to any flat, clean glass surface to alter its appearance. There are films made to look like professional glass etchings, stained glass windows, frosted glass and much more.

Sunroom Windows

If you’ve already built or are just thinking about building a sunroom, then you’ll want to make sure you’re making the most of it by having the very best sunroom windows fitted in it.

If your sunroom is an older one, perhaps one that was already there when you took over the property, then the technology used in sunroom windows has progressed a lot in the last decade or so and you could improve your sunroom immensely by fitting new sunroom windows.

With many basement windows having metal frames there are several reasons why you might want to remove basement windows in order to replace them. Firstly being made from metal, they can be prone to distorting causing the window panes to shatter; and the unsightly rust that can accumulate in the sub-ground level moist conditions can actually go on to weaken the integrity of the whole window frame.