Pull Down Attic Stairs

If you have a house that has a large crawl space between the roof and top floor then chances are it may only have a simple ceiling access panel buried in a closet somewhere. With the demand for space nowadays homeowners are looking to install pull down attic stairs to make easier access to this space so they can use it for storage and other purposes.

What once was just an empty crawl space that served little purpose in the home can be turned into functional space at a very low cost with the installation of pull down attic stairs.

Installation of pull down attic stairs is a relatively easy task that can be completed in about a day with basic tools. Start by making sure that there is ample space for opening and closing the stairs.

The best locations are usually hallways or large rooms. From the attic make sure that where you plan to install the stairs is free from electrical wiring, plumbing, ducts and other obstructions.

Next, you will frame a rough opening for the stairs using a template from the stair manufacturer or by making your opening slightly wider than the stairs themselves.

Pull down attic stairs have a box frame to them that will form the casing and as such our width and length need to be slightly larger than the stairs themselves to accommodate this frame.

Once you have your rough opening finished you will take 2x4s and create a box type frame in the attic itself. From this framing you will actually hang the pull down attic stairs box frame from.

The frame should use joists in the ceiling to help support the weight. Always make sure that your framing is being supported by joists and not resting on the ceiling itself.

Finally you will lift the pull down attic stairs up at an angle and then drop it flat into the frame you have just built. The stairs should be a tight fit and align perfectly with the frame.

Use shims where appropriate to make sure the fit is tight and secure. If all has went well you should be able to now open and close the stairs free of obstructions and with little movement of the staircase itself as you go up and down it.

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